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Akihito / Asami

Anticipation   by thegreymoon     complete   M

Akihito is down with a cold... in Asami's apartment.

Compound Interest   by write-error     complete   T

Bickering, Hawaii Five-O, a grumpy waiter, and even more bickering. Takaba is starting to think maybe the extended payment plan didn't turn out so badly after all.

Deviation   by write-error     complete   M

Takaba Akihito is one sick puppy. Unfortunately for him, Asami has decided he is uniquely qualified to treat him.

Emotions Have An Echo   by eprime     complete    E

"I'm yours. Here to please you in any way you see fit."

Hatsu Kousou   by Rocquellan     complete    T

Forced to become a Courtesan - male Geisha , Akihito his pulled into the world of the beautiful and powerful, where he will meet a Daimyo that doesn't take no for an answer.

Law & Hors d'Oeuvres   by Raketsuban     20/??    E

Corporate lawyer Asami Ryuichi is the latest “star” of reality TV show, Japan’s No.1 Handsome Confirmed Bachelor. Flight attendant Takaba Akihito is tricked into signing on as one of the twenty-five contestants. But can he survive five gruelling weeks of competitive dating in order to win Asami’s heart?

Living Life As Asami's Housecat   by hotcrossbuns783     2/?   T

On a whim, Asami buys a kitten with an attitude. Watch how Akihito, his new feline companion, changes the life of one of Tokyo's most powerful men.

Pillow Talk   by shad0wg8     complete   M

Punishment? But he hadn't taken any photos he shouldn't have. He hadn't been snooping into Asami's business. He'd been good lately. So why, why did Asami want to…

The Devil Drags You Under   by Actus Reus     complete   M

Takaba seems to bounce back from every horrible experience he has to suffer through – but human resilience can only stretch so far.

The Favor   by eprime     complete   M

Akihito asks Asami for a favor.

Thieving Time   by Sekhmet.Rising     36/??    M

Snapshots of stolen moments between Asami and Akihito on their journey of becoming.

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