Tokyo Jungle

Author: Hannahbee
AN: still unbeta-ed. Any volunteers?
Warning: This is the last part, BUT since you've been waiting so patiently... it's full of smutty goodness. ;o) I hope you like it.


Part 3

Kirishima had already shown him the photos the boy had taken and supplied all the information on Takaba Akihito. Not Takana Akira.

The cheeky brat.

Now there wasn't much more Kirishima could add. “No progress on his clan affiliation. He woke up about an hour ago, showered, helped himself to your fridge...” No doubt, it was already restocked. “And left the condo.”

“Naked?” Asami smirked at the mental picture.

“No, he borrowed your clothes.”

“Only fair.”

But his right hand didn't seem amused. Asami lifted a brow.

“He left a note.” He handed it to his boss, who chuckled after he had read it.

Kirishima sighed inwardly in relief. Disaster averted.

“Have his camera and clothes delivered to his apartment.”

“Right away, Asami-sama.”

“Wait. I'll do it myself.” The smirk gracing his features didn't bode well for the boy.


The servant rushed to her side. “Bocchan has safely arrived home. He has been marked. But is otherwise unharmed. It does appear he is not aware of the significance of the mark.” he reported, but broke up, seemingly worried.

“Everything went according to plan.” she assured. “Keep me informed if Asami seeks him out again. We'll set up a meeting after.”

“Yes, Sakurai-sama.” He bowed and left.


Asami appeared in front of his apartment door to return Akihito's clothes and camera the same day and the blond had no choice but to let him in. He kept his distance, though, because he was sure that as soon as Asami's hands were clear of the box he held they'd be on him or inside him again.

Akihito blushed in embarrassment at the thought. Unfortunately, Asami noticed and his will to simply give the boy back what was his evaporated. Instead a wicked idea formed in his mind.

“Your clothes are still in the hamper.” Akihito announced, not the least bit sorry about it.

“You can keep them to remember me by when I'm not with you.” And there was that smirk again.

Akihito sputtered.

The audacity!

“But I believe you want yours back.”

The boy gave him a look that spoke volumes, but was wary at the same time.

“For each item I give back to you I want something in return.” Asami goaded.

It was a hard bargain. Akihito really didn't want to find out what favours the dark-haired male would ask, but he couldn't afford to part with his things, never mind let go of his wallet or pricey camera.

Grudgingly, he asked: “Alright, what do you want?”

“A kiss for your t-shirt.” Asami pulled it out of the box.

Distrustful, Akihito sidled closer and gave the man a quick peck on the lips.

“This was not a kiss.”

“No?” Akihito grinned. “My lips...” He touched them with his finger. “On your lips.” He shrugged. “Kiss.”

“Except no tongue.”

The blond smirked. “Your fault. You didn't specify.” he crowded, forgetting he had to get more of his possessions from Asami.

“You want me to specify?” Now it was Asami's turn to smirk.

Too late Akihito realized his mistake.

“Another kiss then, with tongue, you'll not fight me and you'll get your pants back.”

How could he say no when it was his favourite pair of jeans? And a kiss wouldn't hurt. It was harmless compared to other things.

“Come here.”

Akihito only took one step. After all Asami hadn't said anything about making it easy for him.

“Closer, my kawaii Akihito.”

One more step, but it was still too much space between them for Asami's taste, so he took charge and closed the distance, quickly put his arms around the boy's waist and pulled him flush against his body. His lips descended upon Akihito's and then his tongue plunged into his mouth.

At first the blond was stiff, but slowly succumbed to the desire Asami roused in him. His arms came around the taller man's shoulders and he buried his hand in the thick, dark hair as he ground his pelvis against him, trying to get the friction he so desperately needed.

But Asami pulled back suddenly. Akihito moaned at the loss.

“For you briefs you'll have to strip.” the man said, settling into Akihito's chair to watch the show.

The boy blushed, bit his lip and sighed.

Yeah, this was going to happen. He couldn't stop now, his wallet, his camera were on the line. And it wasn't like he hadn't stripped in front of other men before. Admittedly, only men of his family and only when beasting out, so maybe he should view this situation as the same.

He quickly pulled his t-shirt off, then reached for the buttons on his cargo pants.

“You're too fast.” Asami interrupted him. “Are you so eager to have my eyes on you, to offer yourself to me?”

“What? No!” Akihito slowed down, but quickly realized this option wasn't much safer.

Golden eyes devoured him, the gaze a caress he could almost feel on his skin. It wasn't supposed to go like this. It wasn't supposed to affect him to have Asami's hunger focused on him. It wasn't supposed to be arousing.

Damn the man.

Once Akihito was completely naked he wanted to hide his semi-hardness, but Asami's challenging smirk raised his defiance.

Crossing his arms in front of his chest, he asked: “Now what?”

Asami tossed him his briefs. “I'm thinking... you on your knees, sucking me off.”

Akihito swallowed. He had considered it before, but...

“But I'd settle for you sitting in my lap, facing me, your hands on my cock and getting me off.”

Akihito came closer and saw the bulge. So he wasn't the only one who was turned on by his little strip show. But curious how this had fit in him, he straddled the man's lap, opened his pants and pulled his cock out. It was long, thick and hard, begging for attention. Akihito wrapped his hand around it and stroked slowly, applying the motions he liked on himself, hoping Asami would enjoy it, too. Looking into his eyes he was ensnared by the hunger in the golden orbs. A hunger reflected in his own face, his parted mouth and the gyration of hips.

Big hands on his hips pulled him closer until their cocks were touching and Akihito whimpered in pleasure at the sensation. Asami wrapped Akihito's hand around both erections and pumped with him. It looked so lewd, so hypnotising and it felt too good, the blond feared he would not last.

“For your wallet...” Asami whispered against his ear and pushed a finger, slick with pre-come, into Akihito's ass.

And then they came, together, Akihito on Asami's name before he slumped against the man's shoulder and buried his nose in his neck, sniffing the skin, licking it, showering it with kisses.

He thought he was done, but he could feel his lust, his hunger rising again. Why could he not get enough of this man? He wanted to devour him, wanted to... he could not define, but there was something deep inside him, urging him to... bite down. He did, not hard enough to break the skin, but enough to cause a rumble to shudder through Asami's frame and their cocks to harden in Akihito's slack hand again. He tightened his grip, slid it up and down.

Asami added a second finger and Akihito moaned in encouragement, lifting his head to claim that mouth for his own. But it was not enough, never enough. He ripped himself away.

“Fuck me!” Akihito pleaded, too blind to his reservations, too far gone, too lost to care.

Fingers slipped out of his ass before hands landed on his hips, lifting him. His own shaft slid out of his grasp, but he held on tight to Asami's as he positioned him. And then he could feel him, right where he wanted him, needed him. He opened up, ready to receive, ready to be...

Asami impaled him on his big cock. Akihito's hand fell away as he wailed in lust, satisfaction... so big, so good.


Asami moved him up and down, and Akihito put his hands on Asami's shoulder to help him, but the impression of his teeth in Asami's skin distracted him. He felt it with his fingers, rubbed it in satisfaction. It was not enough. He bent down and brushed his tongue over it... so good, but still not enough.

“Bite me!” Asami commanded.

And Akihito obeyed without hesitance, marked Asami, fangs sinking deep as he claimed him. A big wave of comfort, fulfilment and ecstasy slammed into them, hurtling them into orgasm. Akihito cried out in pleasure, Asami growled in satisfaction before they were buried beneath contentment and slumped bonelessly against each other.


Sakurai-sama awaited Asami-sama at one of her exclusive restaurants, seated at a low table in one of the pavilions placed throughout the lush, vast gardens, cleared for their meeting to keep their conversation private.

Her beauty belied her true years for her beast had slowed down the aging process. She was a leopard like himself, but they were not of the same clan. In fact, friendly business rivals was a more apt term. She had requested his presence in regards to beast business, but hadn't elaborated. Intrigued and because it was his duty as lord of all beasts in his territory he hadn't declined.

“I thank you for agreeing to meet with me. Eat, drink, enjoy while we talk.”

“Of course.” He may be more powerful, but he respected his elders if they showed courtesy to him.

“My worries concern a leopard beast named Takaba Akihito.”

He nodded, but didn't comment. It wouldn't do to give himself away to early in the game.

“He is not part of any clan and so far he has not gotten into big trouble despite his recklessness as a journalist.”

It was miracle. Or the boy was really lucky. Or...

“Unofficially he is under my protection. But not everyone knows and I cannot protect him from everyone.” She looked directly into his eyes.

It wasn't lost on him that he was included in 'everyone'.

“It has come to my attention that he has been marked without notice to the proper channels...”

Usually that meant him – the lord of the beastworld – and the clan leader under whose protection the beast lived. In Akihito's case only Asami had any say in the matter since the boy was officially unaffiliated.

“Even though it is known among us beasts that claiming without true intent in punishable by death.”

“It is a sacred ritual, a binding meant to last.” Asami assured. “No beast would court the wrath of the community, even if the marked beast has no official clan affiliation.”

Did she already know it was him? But why was she so interested in Akihito? Had she set her sights on the boy to marry him off to one of her granddaughters?

“It would only be my wrath.” she said darkly. “Akihito is my flesh and blood, gentle, full of life, caring. I would hate to see his honour tarnished. But losing him harms not only me, but my whole clan. He is a rare breed of black leopard. A beast meant to lead my clan when I'm gone, a ruler of the heart.”

Intriguing, naming Akihito as successor despite the opposite characteristics required in a clan leader. And was she actually praising his virtues to him? Was she trying to entice him? Offering her grandson? Suggesting a permanent alliance?

Time to test how far she would go. He smirked inwardly.

“Perhaps a ruler of the heart would benefit from a bonding with a ruler of the mind?” It was not really a question, more of a suggestion.

She didn't even contemplate. “If he would inherit my position on the council.”

“Of course.” he conceded. It wasn't a sacrifice to reward Akihito this when Asami himself was the beastlord. It would certainly bring life to all those boring meetings.

“And Akihito would be protected, nurtured and cared for the rest of his life.” she demanded.

She was really negotiating. Shrewd Obaa-san.

“He would need for nothing as bonded mate.” he vowed. “Not power, not honour, not loyalty and not love.”

“Then it is my honour to...”

“Obaa-chan! I don't need an Omiai!” Akihito came storming into the gardens.

“Akihito, you're late. We are already done.“ There was a faint reprimand in her voice.

“I'm sorry, Obaa-chan. I was chasing...” He finally got a good look at her guest and it wasn't one of her underlings. “What are you doing here?”

'Pervy bastard' was on his lips, but he couldn't say that in his grandmother's presence.

“Don't be rude, Aki-chan. Asami has agreed to be your bonded mate.”

Akihito's eyes fell nearly out of his head. “Obaa-chan!”

Asami loosened his collar to proudly present Akihito's mark on his neck.

“Wonderful, Aki-chan.” She patted his hand. “You have chosen a worthy mate.”


“Don't be obtuse, Aki-chan. He marked you, you marked him. It is your consent.”

Akihito gaped, eyes nearly falling out of his head. Asami smirked.

“If I may Asami-sama, it would be my pleasure to plan and host the official bonding ceremony.”

“Of course, Sakurai-sama.”


Asami's smirk widened. Interesting days and nights were certainly ahead.


AN 2: I never figured out what kind of animal Kirishima is. Sorry. He is quite secretive.

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