Tokyo Jungle

Author: Hannahbee
Disclaimer: One short, but significant sentence (about pain and pleasure) stolen from the manga.
AN: still unbeta-ed


Part 2

Asami didn’t jump after the black cat because he knew he was too heavy for those branches. He might be powerful, but he couldn’t afford unnecessary injuries in his position. So he returned to his car in his animal form.

Kirishima – his loyal right hand man – held the door open for him and he climbed in after he had pulled his beast in and dressed.

“There’s an unregistered panther in Tokyo…” Asami began.

His secretary’s eyebrows rose. It was unheard of to refrain from paying respect to the beastlord of the territory: Asami.

“Gender unknown.” Asami hadn’t been able to tell from the scent. Youngsters of either sex smelled the same and just like grown females they had a thicker, fluffier coat. “It is almost grown. I want it found.”

Kirishima nodded. Was it a visitor or...

“Resident.” his boss replied, knowing it would help to narrow the search down. Not that Kirishima wouldn’t have been able to get it done without the extra information, but Asami appreciated quick results.

“The kitten knew the area, but didn’t recognize me. Maybe it’s a stray without parents, without proper upbringing. It was certainly intrigued by my unfinished mating.” A smirk played around his lips.

Despite his boss' amusement, Kirishima pushed his glasses up his nose – a gesture of worry he'd never been able to lose. It was never wise to interrupt Asami Ryuichi. “Shall I call upon another?”

“No need.”

Kirishima hid his surprise. His boss didn't like interruptions and he had an appetite that could not be denied.

“Suoh, take me to Sion. Kirishima, install cameras at all parks.”

Sooner or later the kitten would need to return to nature, to stalk the Tokyo jungle. And then Asami would catch it.


“Sakurai-sama...” the servant greeted and knelt before her. “Asami-sama is inquiring about a young black leopard. Shall I retrieve our bocchan and bring him here for safety?”

A pleased smile graced the older woman’s features. Everything was coming together according to plan. She had noticed her grandson’s eyes roving about some young handsome men in her employ. He may delude himself by dating girls, but she’d seen through him and would push him in the right direction to see him happy.

And there was no better match than Asami, member of the beast council – just like her – but also the head of it, the lord of the beastworld as well as Tokyo’s underworld.

Her own family was powerful, but the chance to merge these two empires couldn’t be passed up.

And Asami’s taste would play right into her hands.

“Put some hurdles in his way.” she ordered.


“The chase only wets your appetite if you believe you hunt something exceptional.” Her shrewd eyes twinkled in mischief. “When you have accomplished that, keep an eye on Asami’s dealings. If you find something shady, give Akihito an anonymous tip.”

“Will it not put our bocchan in danger?”

She laughed. “There is only danger to his innocence.”


Akihito didn’t make it easy for Asami's men to find him. Even though the boy couldn’t stay out of trouble, he had managed to avoid the parks. He hadn’t returned to the scene of the crime so to speak because he had noticed the hidden cameras. And he also knew who was behind it.

Why the sudden surveillance Akihito couldn't quite fathom. It went beyond the disturbance he had caused at their first meeting. No one would go to such lengths when a would-be rival had fled, ending whatever duel might have erupted. It made no sense.

Still he felt like the other leopard was hunting him. Fear gripped him. Excitement, too. Which made even less sense. But somehow Akihito in his adolescent form had intrigued such a powerful male. It seemed the big panther couldn’t get their meeting out of his head.

The feeling was quite mutual. Akihito wanted to catch another glimpse of that awe-inspiring and fear-inducing malebeast. But he couldn’t stake out in the thick canopy of trees hoping to catch the panther in his viewfinder and take a picture that would only grace the walls of his humble home.

Even though he itched for that once in a lifetime photo, the hidden cameras still warned him away. He wasn’t desperate enough yet, but he knew deep down it would only be a matter of time before he succumbed.

Until then there still was his other passion: criminal photography.

And his source had told him about a shady meeting between a high-ranked politician and some underworld big shot. No names had been dropped, but Akihito swore to himself he would find them and capture the proof.

The only thing about the tip that didn’t sit well with him was the supposed meeting place. It was a park. And until earlier today it had been under surveillance. When Akihito had checked it out for possible hiding places the cameras had suddenly been gone. It was quite suspicious. Then again, they’d probably chosen it for this very convenience. But how was he supposed to find them in such a big area?

He wouldn’t.

Because it was a trap. Asami and his men had known where their prey was the minute it walked into it. It didn’t even help to stay out of the lamplights, keep to the shadows or sneak from tree to tree. They were closing in on it.

And even though his senses in human form weren’t as good, Akihito felt the change in the air, the danger hiding in the dark. It was not the human kind, in which case he wouldn’t have been alarmed. But this was something else, something he might not be a match for.

Without a second thought, he stripped, wrapped his camera in his clothes and pushed his beast out with practised ease. Snatching up the bundle with his jaws, he made a run for it. Screw the photos. His life was more important.

The repeated thuds of heavy paws followed him. Akihito didn’t turn around and focused on his speed instead, but soon realised he was no match for whatever was behind him. It was more powerful, had larger legs and was faster. But his slight build was an advantage, too. He could climb trees higher than his hunter without breaking branches and falling.

Mind made up, Akihito escaped into the nearest tallest tree. The thing behind him followed, but their combined weight made the tree sway dangerously. Akihito looked down and almost lost his grip on the bark in shock when he saw who was two meters below him.

The panther.

He should’ve known. Who else had shown such interest in him. And it looked like that not even the danger of toppling over the tree could stop him.

Akihito hissed at him, unsheathed his claws and swiped at the other male when he was too close for comfort. It was no use, the adult male warded off the futile attempts. Now the only option left available was to jump to the next tree, get down and run like hell since he wouldn’t be able to get past the beast.

As soon as the thought emerged in his mind, he acted.

While flying a human hand grabbed his tail and Akihito answered by kicking behind him. The fingers let go, but he lost his balance. One paw missed the branch he wanted to land on and he crashed, unable to find hold in his speed. A helpless yowl escaped him and the adult leopard howled in sympathy and guilt.

But Akihito always landed on his feet. Paws, too, this time around. From this branch it was only five meters down. Akihito jumped, but at the last minute a huge brown bear standing on his hind legs appeared directly below him. Not able to change course the small leopard fell straight into the bear’s outstretched arms.

Thankful, but knowing it must be one of the panther’s men – or worse – Akihito struggled incessantly until he was safe on his own paws on the ground. But before he could run away, a huge hand grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and lifted him up. He struggled anew, but couldn’t push of the bearman’s hold. He stopped trashing and hissing madly when the other panther approached calmly and changed into his human form.

“Pull the beast in!” the dark-haired male ordered.

The man was even more beautiful than he remembered. Still Akihito shook his head to stop himself from ogling all of that incredible naked body.

His refusal made Asami think the cub was a girl after all, and clearly a very embarrassed one, probably sheltered all her life since beasts were not that shy. Still he noticed that she was too big for a young girl and longer than the average grown female, too. She shouldn’t be. Then again she was a rare black pelt, some unusual traits wouldn’t be unimaginable.

But speculations wouldn’t get him anywhere. He was a man of facts and action.

Pushing the beast back out, Asami gave a swift nod to the bearman who immediately started moving towards the car they’d arrived in. Suoh led with the cub dangling and trashing in his hand and Asami brought up the rear, assuring the kitten wouldn’t escape. The track was relatively easy and Kirishima – in human form – awaited them holding the car door to the back seats open.

About to be caged, Akihito raised hell again when they tried to put him in the car. He planted his paws on the door frame, so the huge man couldn’t push him in. Annoyed, Kirishima prepared a syringe to put the feisty panther out for a while, but his boss shook his animal head, then caught Akihito’s tail between his jaws and bit down gently, not hurting the smaller leopard, but to make him understand who was in power.

Akihito stilled immediately and gulped. With his concentration gone, Suoh pushed him inside, Asami quickly followed and then the door was closed. There was hissing from inside the car as it shook. No doubt the cub was trying to find a way out of the windows, but he would have no luck. The car was armoured. Unperturbed, Kirishima and Suoh got in, keeping the partition closed as they drove away. Asami would call them if he needed help.

Right now he growled low in warning and the small panther hissed back. Done playing, Asami pushed the little troublemaker beneath his weight and bit lightly into the kitten’s scruff. Akihito stilled immediately in submission and whimpered even though he wasn’t really hurt, just frightened. The bigger beast licked his fur and purred to calm him down.

Asami - having asserted his dominance - settled onto the seat and pulled his beast in.

Akihito’s eyes widened in scandalous shock, but he couldn’t turn away from the man’s magnificent body, broad shoulders, sculpted abs, impressive manhood and powerful legs.

The kitten might be shy about showing its human form, but it was curious and bold enough to look its fill.

“Like what you see?” The voice was a deep and soft rumble, quite beguiling in fact.

Akihito shook his head in denial, squeezing his eyes shut, but he couldn’t deny the temptation to look for long. The man was just too damn handsome. Small slits appeared, focusing hard on Asami’s face and his eery golden eyes.

“Come here.” he beckoned.

Akihito shook his head again, his gaze unwillingly dropping to Asami’s naked package. Feeling caught, he immediately turned his head away. Good thing beasts couldn’t blush.

The man finally put on pants and a shirt.


Akihito nodded, but still wouldn’t come closer. Inhumanly fast Asami reached for the back of his neck and pulled him onto his legs. The kitten started struggling and hissing again, but the older male pushed its head onto the seat with one hand, rendering his jaw immobile so he couldn’t bite. His front paws got caught between the man’s closed thighs, the other hand was on the panther's back, pressing him down into the upholstery. Akihito’s tail swished, trying to hit Asami in the face and break his concentration.

“I won’t hurt you if you keep still.” It almost sounded like an animalistic growl, and it was definitely a warning.

The cub obeyed and Asami started stroking his back in reward. It felt wonderful and Akihito relaxed even though he knew he shouldn’t, but the man just knew how to make him purr.

The bastard!

Asami took the chance and quickly reached between the kitten’s hind legs, his fingers gliding through the still fluffy, soft fur, exposing Akihito’s not fully grown balls and cock. The cub trashed in response, tried to get onto his paws, but Asami had predicted this and applied more pressure on Akihito’s back, holding him down.

“A boy then.” Asami purred. “Why won’t you show yourself? Afraid I’ll eat you up?” He bent down to nip one furry ear.

In the blink of an eye, Asami had a slender boy lying across his lap. Lightly tanned, smooth skin, pale hair, pert butt...

“Pervert!” the boy spit in anger, indignation flashing in defiant eyes. “Where are my clothes?”

So much defiance.

Asami chuckled, caressing the globes of that perfect little butt. Akihito yelped and, feeling vulnerable, pushed his beast back out.

Asami kept stroking his back, murmuring: “Feisty kitten.”

Akihito was about to push his beast out again, wanting to tell him he was not a kitten, his name was Akihito, but that would be revealing himself. And he was not dumb, but not clever enough to escape this man’s clutches. What did he want anyway? He already had his camera and he had not even taken photos. Why did he need him? What was his plan?

Akihito didn’t think the man felt some kind of sympathy because they were both a rare breed of beast. Or had he planned payback for interrupting his coupling a few days back? Was he in for yakuza torture? A swim in Tokyo bay?

Panic was settling in, the hand soothing his back forgotten, but Asami noticed his kitten's accelerated heartbeat.

“I won’t hurt you!” he promised. “If you behave.” Always the same condition. “Not for playing peeping Tom and not for trying to take pictures tonight, not for running away.”

‘Then what do you want?!’ Akihito’s whimper screamed.

“Your true form. Your name. Your compliance.”

Asami would never admit to a simple ‘you’. He didn’t disclose ‘I want to make you mine. I want you beneath me.’

Akihito snorted – or tried to – it didn’t really translate in his animal form.


Lulled by the man’s voice, body and soothing hand, Akihito hadn't even realised the car had stopped.

He had almost missed his chance to escape!

Eagerly waiting for the door to open, he was sorely disappointed when the bear immediately blocked his route. And to make matters worse he was caged in Asami’s strong arms. The coiled power, the leashed danger prickling along his fur in such close proximity reminded him he was so out of his element with these menbeasts.

Fighting could be his death sentence, despite assurances to the contrary. Akihito stilled completely. He’d reached the end. This was the line his thrill-seeking mind and body could not cross, would not cross. He didn’t have a death wish. He very much wanted to live. There were still so many things to explore, so many photos to take, pleasures to be indulged in, matings, life, work, success, family, friends.

The handsome man held his future in his hands, life and death. Akihito’s thoughts came to a sudden halt. Asami had promised he wouldn’t hurt him, so far his actions had confirmed it. Maybe he could talk him out of whatever he had planned and leave unharmed.

Determined, Akihito scrutinized his surroundings. They were still in the lift, heading for the top floor. Once there the Megane entered a seven digit code to open the doors. Akihito watched inconspicuously and repeated the numbers in his head. Obviously, not everybody had access.

Suoh turned left when they got out, but Kirishima led them down the hall in another direction. A few steps later, he opened a door, but let Asami enter and didn’t follow.

“I’ll give you a full report in the morning, Asami-sama.” Kirishima closed the door from the outside.

Asami... where had he heard that name before?

Deposited on a long dark leather couch, Akihito was startled out of his thoughts, and barely resisted the urge to shred it with his claws. He couldn’t aggravate the man before he made his escape.

“Are you hungry?” he asked.

The boy would need his strength for what he had planned.

Akihito nodded, at least he could lie in his animal form. He’d had a warm meal before his stake-out, getting Asami busy in the kitchen was his priority now. When the man disappeared Akihito leapt of the couch and ran for the door. He never made it. A huge black beast barrelled into him from the side, taking him down.

They struggled, but Asami quickly gained the upper hand, burying the kitten beneath his weight. The boy stilled, so Asami resumed his human form and commanded Akihito to do the same. He refused of course.

“I'll mount you like this.” Asami threatened.

It was a bad joke, right?

But then Akihito felt something long and hard against his back side.

“Perverted bastard!”

“Definitely not a bastard.” Asami breathed into the boy’s neck, making him shudder – and not in fear or disgust – and then lifted himself off.

Akihito quickly got to his feet, glared at the male and did short check-up of his equipment. The bastard wasn’t sporting a hard-on.

Not into bestiality then?

But that still made him a pervert, right?

Which reminded him.

“Where are my clothes?” He looked around, but didn't notice the other man sneak up behind him.

“You won’t need them.” Asami murmured against his nape, lips brushing softly against his kin, raising goosebumps, arms sliding around him.

“The hell! Let me go!”

“Not tonight.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? And why can’t you get off me? This is not comfy!”

“Give me your name and I’ll make you comfy.”

“Alright, it’s Ta..Takana Akira.”

The arms fell away, so Akihito turned around. The man was still hovering behind him, golden eyes piercing, regarding and reading him.

He was beautiful – in a masculine way – just like his beastskin and when he repeated his fake name, deep sinful, better than chocolate pocky, Akihito was mesmerized and disturbed by that notion.

And why was his face suddenly so close?

Fingers curled around his chin, tilting his head before demanding lips claimed his mouth. Stunned, Akihito remained motionless until a seductive tongue tempted his sensitive lips to open, receive and respond. Akihito closed his eyes, surrendered, enjoyed, moaned because the man was such a great kisser. But realisation made him gasp and pull away.

“I… you…” He searched for the right words, but couldn’t voice his thoughts, the only thing left was: “Pervert!”

He only got a knowing smirk in response. “So are you.” The hand previously around his chin smoothed down his neck over his collarbone, his nipple – Akihito gasped, eyes going wide.

“Stop that!”

When he tried to push these grabby paws away himself, he realized his wrists were bound by Asami’s other hand. And so the torture continued, over his stomach, a fingertip dipping into his navel, which made Akihito squirm, before Asami’s arm brushed against his semi-erect cock. Akihito moaned, his hips undulating, seeking the contact and then a warm hand finally engulfed his hardness.

Akihito groaned a “No!”, but the hand kept moving up down down, ignoring his half-hearted protests.

“Stop it!” he shouted, his thrusts contradicting his wishes, seeking more, wanting it faster.

He came all to quickly, courtesy of a man at that.

“Bastard!” Akihito hissed embarrassed.

Asami responded by bringing his sticky hand to his mouth and tasting Akihito’s come.

The boys eyes grew wide and he blushed a deep red.

“Want a taste, too?” Asami didn’t wait for an answer, he brushed one finger against Akihito’s upper lip, coating it, then bent down, capturing Akihito in another kiss, letting him taste himself on his tongue and lips.

Preoccupied Akihito didn’t notice where the sticky hand had wandered until something brushed against the tight ring of muscles between his butt cheeks. He wrenched his mouth away.

“Stop it!” he shouted in alarm.

Asami didn’t. He kept caressing that entrance relentlessly.

“What are you doing?!”

“Where do you think this is going, my kawaii Aki?”

“But… I… you…” he sputtered. “I am a man!”

“I am aware of that.”

The finger slid in to the first knuckle. It didn’t hurt, not his body but his pride, wasn’t even uncomfortable, just unfamiliar and embarrassing. Asami pushed all the way in. Akihito gasped, clamping down on the intruder.

“Stop it!” he shouted.

Not ‘it hurts’, Asami noted.

“Relax. It'll feel good in no time.” He distracted the boy by kissing him hungrily while curling his finger inside the smaller body, looking for that special spot. It didn’t take long before the boy moaned into his mouth.

“Found it.”

Another brush and the boy was hard again.

“Told you.” Asami smirked, pushing his finger in and out, hitting the pleasure spot.

Beyond mindlessness, prisoner to the ecstasy the boy impaled himself on that finger, seeking the high of release only the man above him could bring.

“Asami!” he moaned. “Please!”

Releasing his wrists, Asami moved down and took the boy's shaft into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the crown before sliding all the way down and back up again. He encircled the root with thumb and forefinger to keep the boy from coming too soon. The rest of his fingers splayed against the boy's stomach, so the uncontrolled rolling of his hips wouldn't break Asami's nose.

Slender fingers buried in his hair, clenching and unclenching in a desperate attempt to hold on to something, massaging his scalp, then trying to control his speed, trying to make him swallow faster.

“Asami.” came a pleading whimper.

But he wanted the cub to drown in the pleasure he provided, he wanted it imprinted on the boy’s body and mind who provided him with rapture. He pushed another finger in, Akihito barely complained, a hiss was all, his hips immediately went back to their rhythm, going faster. Asami added a third finger and Akihito only grunted and buried the slight pain in favour of ecstasy.


Taking mercy, Asami released the tight hold of his fingers on the boy’s cock, sucked harder at the tip, but kept his fingers inside, rubbing that spot.

“I’m… I…com…” Akihito warned, but he kept on doing what he was and Akihito exploded, saw stars. Asami swallowed, drinking all of it down.

Blurry eyes watched him in satisfaction and fascination as Asami licked his lips with gusto when he was finished cleaning the boy's cock. Akihito blushed, but couldn’t look away. The hungry, seductive look held him captive.

“We’re not done.” The smirk was back.


“I haven’t come yet.”

Akihito eyed the man’s package. He was rock hard, long and thick. He swallowed. Should he offer to suck him off to return the favour?

Asami pulled him up into his arms and carried him to the bedroom where he placed his kitten on the bed and rolled him onto his stomach. Too spent and numb from the pleasure he had not wondered until now how Asami would get off. Panic gave him enough energy to get on his knees – Asami was pleased Aki did it on his own, without instruction – and crawled away. Or tried to. Asami grabbed his ankles to keep him in place. Akihito fell back into the cushions.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“Please, don’t! You won’t fit!”

Asami released an ankle and quickly pushed one finger inside Aki - it went in easily – and stroked the spot. Aki moaned helplessly.

“You’ve already had three fingers inside here.” Asami pulled his digit out, circled the entrance and pushed two fingers back in. “And you still writhed on them, like you do now, moaning for more, for faster. I’ll be inside you and you’ll love it. Now get on your knees.”

The fingers slid out and Aki had to bite his lips to keep from crying out at the loss. Damn, he was hard again. Was it the fingers in his ass? The dirty talk? Or the anticipation? He didn’t dare contemplate. But if he wanted to come while drowning in bliss again... he got on his hands and knees.

Asami put his hands on Aki’s thigh, dangerously close to the evidence of his desire, pushed his legs further apart before he knelt between them, the outside of his calves brushing against Aki’s inner side. Hands curled around his hips and then a huge hard cock brushed past his balls and slid along his own length. It felt slick, rubbing against him, back and forth, and again, luring moans from Akihito’s throat.

He started moving in tandem, but before long Asami pulled so far back the tip of his shaft rested at the boy’s entrance.

“Relax.” Was the only warning before he pushed all the way in.

“Take it out! It hurts!” Aki yelped. He was full. It was (almost) too much.

Asami reached around and grabbed Akihito’s erection, stroking it up and down in time with his thrusts, all the way in and all the way out, washing away the pain of unfamiliar stretching, creating the irresistible pleasure he’d unleashed before, eliciting a litany of moans and “Asami”, making the boy feel like he couldn’t get enough.

Asami bent over him, driving his cock even deeper, lips brushing against Akihito’s sensitive ear he said: “Remember the pain and pleasure I give you.”

Then he bit down the juncture between neck and shoulder, fully claiming his kitten, who screamed his name as he came.

Asami kept his mate's flesh trapped between his teeth, still thrusting deep until he came. A satisfied grunt later, he retracted his teeth and immediately started laving the wound he’d inflicted, caressing the tender skin, lapping up the blood which helped heal the skin. Looping an arm around his boy’s waist, he kept him anchored when he sat up, not wanting to release him just yet. The boy was still impaled on his limp cock, straddling him backwards and Asami liked it. And it was easier to keep tending to the mark he’d made. But his kitten was unusually docile and quiet. Something brushed against his lower arm and he came alive again.

“Fuck! That hurt! Don’t bite me again!” he exploded, but the distraction wasn’t working.

Asami lowered his arm and smirked, his mate was hard. Again.

“Why not? You liked it.” He encircled his shaft and moved his hand up and down.

Akihito whimpered, but kept his mouth shut.

“Insatiable kitten.”

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