Tokyo Jungle

Author: Hannahbee
Disclaimer: The Viewfinder verse belongs to the talented Yamane Ayano. As usual I'm just borrowing for my own and hopefully the reader's pleasure.
Pairing: Akihito/Asami
Summary: AU. He is the Lord of the underworld and he is the Lord of the otherworld. Still a rare breed of beast slipped through his fingers. And now the hunt is on.
Warning: yaoi, m/m, slash, smut, sex, smex or whatever you want to call it (just not lemon, that never made sense, unless you have sour sex, which shouldn't make you come back for more)
Distribution: Denial Haven
AN: unbeta-ed and if there are still any mistakes I blame it on English being my 3rd language *cheeky grin*
Inspired by: the pic on the right.


Part 1

Takaba Akihito fled the scene of the crime – not as perpetrator but as witness of the photojournalistic kind – with his camera safely tucked into its bag.

Unfortunately, though not for the first time, some goons followed him, dead intent on catching him and destroying the evidence captured on the memory card. They were in a pretty good shape and Akihito realized he was barely able to outrun them. This was new, so he had to hide or change form if he wanted to escape them.

And although the streets were familiar, they were not much better lit than the docks he’d run from and just as dangerous. It was not a good place to change into his beast as he became vulnerable until he was through.

The neon signs above a shady bar were a good sign, though. There was park nearby and he still had enough head start. Pushing the limits of his human strength, he ran a little faster until he was inside the park and hidden behind high bushes. He stripped and wrapped his camera bag in his clothes. Then he pushed his beast out, picked up the bundle with his snout and scaled the highest tree he could see.

Just in time, too. He already heard them stomping closer. Peeking out from the thick foliage, he could see the criminals parting the bushes, trying to find him. They didn’t even consider looking up into the trees since the branches were too high to reach, figuring no one else would consider climbing them. Akihito snickered mentally, then froze - just like the goons did - when the the roar of a big cat broke the silence.

“Fuck! It’s one of those huge cat pets!” one of the criminals cursed.

“Why can’t they put them in chains.” another complained. “Let’s get out of here!”

The roar sounded again and they ran, even faster than before, knowing those beasts had fun chasing anything on two legs. Obviously, they valued their lives more than catching the photographing punk.

Akihito was fine with that. He had to get his photos to his editor and published before those thugs tried snatching him up again.

After he thanked the other animal for scaring them away.

But only if it was of the same species as him. He didn’t want to get into trouble for trespassing into someone else’s territory.

So he waited until the beast came into view. It was a beautiful female with big black spots on dark sandy fur, her tail swishing restlessly while she was whining. In hurt? Sadness? Impatience?

Only when she started rolling on the ground did Akihito realize she was in heat.

This was his chance to reach maturity.

Beasts only became fully grown after their first mating in animal form. A state Akihito had not achieved yet. He was still a youngster, only a little taller than the average grown female. But he wanted to be a full-fleged adult male, bigger, stronger and more powerful. And she could help him with that if she was willing.

So far younger beasts hadn’t dared to mate with him because of his black coat, a rare and sacred feature. Maybe older females would have no scruples.

Climbing down, Akithito suddenly froze three meters above ground when a mighty roar – much deeper and louder than hers had been – split the darkness. A huge black cat came striding into Akihito’s sight, all coiled power and feline grace. The beast was like him, a black leopard, a panther, the biggest and most powerful of the leopard beasts, they were revered as kings and queens.

Akihito was in awe. This was what he would look like grown.

The female was impressed, too, and a little frightened. She walked up to the big male, ears alert, but kept her head lowered in deference, a clearly submissive gesture. When she was finally in front of him, she turned around, presenting her behind and lay down lifting her tail. The panther was upon and inside her in seconds, covering her back, the scruff of her neck between his jaws, caging her in, dominating her.

No! No! No!

Akihito was shocked. There was no scent marking, no licking each other’s fur, no grooming, no playfully butting heads – the animal equivalent of snuggling – and no affection.

Akihito had seen his parents enarmoured. They were always loving. This here was nothing but egoistical human rutting.

She didn’t seem to mind, but Akihito would never do that to a female.

Still the sight was strangely fascinating. Akihito was disgusted with himself. He needed to get away from this obscene situation. The beasts were busy and it was the perfect chance to escape undetected.

Expertly, Akihito climbed down the rest of the tree-trunk, his eyes never leaving the mating leopards, and hit the ground on silent paws. But the male’s head suddenly snapped towards him, golden eyes piercing him. Akihito gulped in response, then turned tail and ran, shocked and scared. Heavy thuds followed him.


The other panther was chasing him.

Is the fucker crazy?

Who would give up a mating for a hunt?

Too much thinking.

The grown male was closing in.

Akihito knew the camera he carried in his clothes was slowing him down, but leaving this precious object behind was out of question. And it meant giving his persuer a way to find him since his name was engraved on the tool of his trade.

But how much longer before he would be meat pie beneath those huge paws?

A railing came into view and Akihito knew exactly where he was. Not far away there was a balcony of sorts, overlooking another park below. It was a dead end, but Akiito had a reckless idea.

Pretending to be defeated, he stopped with his back to the railing, a tail’s length seperated him from the cold metal. His head swiveled left and right in hopeless agitation when in secret he checked out the trees beneath, looking for the tallest.

It was no small distance, but he had to make it. There were no other means of escape. He faced the bigger panther, who had slowed down to a strut, convinced his prey was cornered.

Akihito feigned left, then right, letting his body speak before he actually moved. So of course the other male adjusted in time, blocking the way to get past him. Akihito hissed, a response expected from any beast with strength and pride, but to his surprise there was no retaliation.

Instead a long, deep rumbling came from the grown male’s throat. He was actually purring. Was the bigger leopard trying to calm him down? Akihito had to admit it worked. It soothed him and it also sounded so much like his father when he wanted to… yeah, that was why Akihito had gotten a 1DK for himself.

His thoughts halted. Was the other panther trying to seduce him?

Either way, Akihito didn’t want to find out. It was high time to bail. He pretended to lower his defences and took a step forward. The other purred in encouragement, relaxing somehwat but not fully.

Akihito took his chance, turned quickly, jumped up onto the railing and then down into the trees.

An inhuman howl turned into a human “No!” as Akihito broke through three thick branches before he found hold.

That hurt.

But driven by the worry he’d heard in both voices, he looked up.

Tanned arms were still reaching out to him trying to save him from harm and failing, golden eyes in a handsome face were staring at him in surprise and a proud smirk graced the corner of a full mouth as the man straightened. Dark hair framed high cheekbones and those piercing eyes, broad shoulders with muscular arms flowed into a narrow waist and a…

Akihito blinked. The guy was butt naked!

Of course he was! He’d just been in animal form. Clothes didn’t magically transform with beasts. This was not tv.

Akihito shook his head.

He had ogled the man!

Good thing he couldn’t blush in animal form.

It was defintely time to go. He took one last look at the amused expression on the other man’s face before he climbed down, staying in beast form until he was out on the other side of the park and close enough to the streets, so the exhaust of the cars would mask his scent.

Back home Akihito mailed the incriminating photos to his boss. He was satisfied and somehow he was not, even though he’d accomplished his task.

Maybe because he couldn’t stop thinking about the imposing and impressive figure of the black beast. What a snapshot it would have been to immortalize those eyes, that powerful manbeast on photo. A photo just for him, to keep, to treasure, to admire and aspire to because it was forbidden to expose his kind.

Still Akihito wondered, if the panther was so powerful in beast form who was he behind the animal skin? He was upper class, but not a politian and certainly not a celebrity. Akihito would have remembered him. The man could neither be overlooked nor ignored, not his inner strength, not the power coming off him, not his masculine beauty.

Would Akihito become like him when he reached animal adulthood?

Still he didn’t want to become as uncaring.

But at least one female was waiting on the man and didn’t mind his rough handling.

Akihito didn’t understand and the semi hard-on in his jeans proved he had mixed feelings about what he’d seen.

But fantasizing wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Leaning back, opening the one button and unzipping, he hoped he was aroused because of what he’d seen – mating. And not the way it was delivered – agressively. Stroking himself, Akihito played the scene out in his mind with him as the panther, but golden eyes kept interfering, staring at him intensely before joining as voyer, coming out of the trees in his magnificent manskin that turned into black fur before the beast ran straight at him.

Akihito groaned loudly, then spilled his essence over his hand, stomach and pants.

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