Zweilts Host Bar Part 1


Disclaimer: The UraBoku verse is not mine. If it was, Y/L would've kissed already.

Pairing: Yuki/Luka

Summary: The heirs to the Zess Group are getting more involved in their father's business. On top of their list are two Brand Zess night clubs that make a suspicious amount of money and pay their hosts too high wages. Puzzled and intrigued the twin brothers go undercover to investigate.

Rating: smut-alert, yaoi/slash later

AN: My pc is broken. I'm working with the family laptop and a html-editor I'm not familiar with. If there's some strange formatting, forgive me.

Warning: As usual... not beta-ed. Any mistakes and plotholes are mine, tho it'd be helpful if you'd pull me out of the latter.

1. Oberst = German for Colonel. Also refers to things at the very top. Not a coincidence, no? The German manga always refers to Opast as Oberst. BTW, both names sound similar.
2. Zwei = German for two. It's not a coincidence either that Zweilts work in pairs, no?
3. Maou = Japanese for Demon King
4. DS= DomSub

Beautiful, deadly and only loyal to each other and the family, the twins were the pride of their father and his group.

Six months ago they had gotten more involved in the business. They had quickly learned to be ruthless to their enemies, cool at negotiations and had developed a sense for rewarding ventures.

But still they preferred a hands-on approach. Luze had just ended industrial espionage with his sword and Luka had collected debts with his fists. And even though the twins were trained in different fighting styles and had mastered a vast array of weaponry, their bodyguards were expected and necessary.

Both were heirs to the Yakuza-run Zess group, the strongest in Tokyo, currently led by the Maou - as their father was fearfully referred to. It was unusual to have two heirs. Normally the oldest son would inherit from the father. But their mother - a cunning, far-seeing woman - had never revealed who had been first born to foster an unbreakable bond between her only children and the family had greatly benefitted from it.

But after a long day of hard work the twins needed time to unwind. They usually convened at their favorite bar, where even their shadows - Kuroto-kun and "The Doctor" - left them alone. They were safe at the Zess-owned 'Infernos' since it was only open to family.

"The Gious?" Luka finally asked while they were enjoying their sake and food.

He was not a man of many words, but his twin brother knew exactly what information he was requesting.

A few weeks ago they had noticed discrepancies at two Zess-owned clubs: 'Opasts' and 'Zweilts'. Both were managed by Giou brothers. Sucessfully.

Still, once a month the consumption level rose significantly and the salary of one employee skyrocketed in both houses. Though on different dates and marked as bonus it had caught the twin's attention because the amount was far too high for a mere service job. The heirs suspected the Gious of stealing money - probably to open their own business - but they had no proof.

Not yet.

Luze had already taken on the task of digging up informaion on the Gious. "Nothing. They seem to have the magic touch when it comes to managing."


Luze had expected the question. Luka trusted almost no one, except his brother and father - their mother, too, if she had still been alive - and a few people who had proven their loyalty to him. So in his eyes, if the Giou brothers didn't do it for their own gain, they did it for someone else.

"Reiga is married to Yumi. She has no family left and her shrine and Kendo-school are doing very well. Takashiro on the other hand will soon be Ibu-chan's ex-husband. The divorce is in the final stages."

Luka didn't comment immediately, but his brother could see the wheels turning in his head. Ibu-chan was one of the daughters to the main family of the Shikibe-clan that operated under the Zess group. Her father was the director of one of their subsidiaries and far too indebted to the Maou. He'd never dare to betray them. Neither would she. But Ibu-chan's family had more weight and money than the Gious.

"Does he get a monthly allowance out of it?"

Luze shrugged his shoulders. "I didn't get that far. Maybe he'll have to pay."

"Either way he'll need money. It would explain the descrepancies." Luka deducted. "You should go talk to Ibu-chan. She always liked you more. I'll dig a little deeper regarding the divorce and the Giou famliy. But we still should take a look at the clubs ourselves."

"Without alerting them." Luze supplied and his brother merely nodded in agreement.

"You should go to Opasts." Luka suggested, almost ordered.

Luze smiled in satisfaction. His twin had done his homework, too, after all. Still, he could not help but tease him. "But Zweilts sounds more interesting. Reminds me of 'zwei'. This could be just what I'm looking for."

"It's a host bar…" Luka started to argue, but was swiftly interrupted.

"I like those."

"With male hosts for male clients. You have not much experience in that."

Luze actually had none. But for Luka to say it like that was an understatement. He was the expert. And Luze knew him better than anyone. When it came to casual, shot-term distractions and relationships Luka preferred males and host clubs. They were less complicated. But Luka himself seemed to not have realised it yet.

Luze smirked. "You just don't want to run into Elegy."

She was one of Luka's ex-lovers and now working at Opasts. It had been a dirty affair and an even nastier ending.

"That, too. But you enjoy DS-pleasures. Especially if they're military-themed."

And Opasts supplied excatly that.

"You know me too well."

"As do you, Oberst." Luka smiled.


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