Hannahbee's SPIN fic recs

     by      complete     NC-17

Back To Normal     by merid1AN     complete

Ian, Sara, a cold evening and a chocolate cookie. After Season 2.

Charity Begins At Home     by Cyn Tolram     complete     NC-17

A mysterious woman from Kenneth Irons' past persuasively compels him to give charitably of his time to a Bachelor's Auction, along with some of New York's finest. The men of Witchblade are drawn into this farce, contrived to take a little revenge on Irons, while allowing nature to take its course for Sara and Ian on a remote tropical island.

Paragon     by nepthys     complete

Ian, Sara and parenthood.

Prodigal Son     by Rob1     9/? unfinished     NC-17

If 'Transcendence' had happened very differently, this might have been the result. Ian-centric, with Irons, Sara and OC.

The Phone Call     by Lucilla Darkate     complete

Oneshot. Making fun of that creepy way Nottingham has with a phone. A more bizarre conversation would be hard to find. Not very long, but fun.

A Bad Day Only Gets Worse     by MidKnight2501     complete

In which Sara gets sung to, men get slapped for lechery, and an orgy happens.

A Thousand Rapiers     by Lucilla Darkate     complete     NC-17

Takes place after "destiny" and just before "agape". Nottingham comes to Sara, seeking revenge, but finding something else.

An Excellent Bargain     by Gracie     complete

Irons takes steps to control the Witchblade, only to discover he has lost control to a new alliance between Sara and Nottingham.

April Fool's Day     by Shauna Lee     complete

I don't know if this was done last year, but I want to Challenge all you talented writers to come up with your take on what April Fool's Day would be like in the Witchblade universe. Here's what I came up with.

At First Sight     by Kitsa     complete

On holiday from school, a young Ian gets a special treat.

Blood Seduction     by Slally11     abandoned     NC-17

Irons is dying and he needs Sara to save himself. Of course, that puts Ian in the middle once again. I'd also like to introduce you to Ian's not-so-evil clone, Devian.

Body Language     by claudia flies     complete     R

[Comic]A missing scene / AU from issue #23. A look into what could have happened between Sara and Ian while he was staying at her apartment and if he had actually spent the night. A sort of sequel to Stolen Season.

Conversation in the Dark     by Robinhood     complete

Just going for something different.

Dangerous     by Chornyi     complete     R

Devil's Advice     by Music     complete

After Sara's death, her daughter has some intresting (to say the least) talks with a man from her mother's past.

Endless Dreams     by Wormie     complete

Sara and Ian find themselves slip-sliding between dream and reality to discover some of the Witchblade's secrets.

Escape     by Yarvani     complete     NC-17

Sarah and Ian on a journey to discover his past.

Finding Heaven     by Mala     complete

My contribution to the Deflowering Ian genre. It's a rainy night and he needs his lady.

Forest for the Trees     by Ai Kemi     complete

Hindsight is always 20/20.

Handkerchief And Smiles     by Adrianna AEternalis     complete

In this lifetime, I am but a knight sworn to protect a lord's daughter for an afternoon. In another, I was a prince, the heir to a legendary duty. One entrusted to my family since the beginning of time.

Hitting the Nail on the Head     by The Blue Raven     complete

Danny/Sara bonding, Ian/Sara flirting. Short scene that takes place right after the episode 'Nailed'.

Inseparable     by Mala     complete

After "Thanatopsis", the nature of Sara and Ian's connection begins to haunt her dreams and her reality.

Kindergarten Blues     by CrankyLex     complete

A kindergarten teacher recalls a particularly *trying* school year. This is quasi-badfic, written for laughs.

Kiss From A Rose     by Draoi     abandoned (2/??)     NC-17

What can I say except...Ian takes control. This story has a slight edge, what with working through Ian and Saraís love/hate angst, but it is a love story.

Knights of the Shadows     by      complete

It's 1944 and Elisabeth Bronte recounts in her journal exactly what happened to her Knights near the end of WWII.

Late Night Conversations     by Sare Liz     complete

Nottingham and Pez hash out a few details of their predestined working relationship.

Life from This Perspective     by Gracie     complete

Targeted from within her own department, Sara turns to Ian Nottingham.

Life's Little Miracles     by trinchardin     complete

One-shot...musings on miracles...just what the title says... ^_^

Like Taking Candy from a Baby     by L 0 K I     complete

a strange little moment between stalker and stalkee. this is what happens when you try to write your way out of writer's block. pure pointlessness.

Not a Valentine     by Wormie     abandoned (2/??)

Ian gets a Valentine's Gift. Sorta.

Penitence     by Mala     complete

Nothing can stop Ian from taking what he wants.

Penny for Your Thoughts     by Robinhood     complete     NC-17

A bachelor auction at the mansion (done before but mine has a sick little twist).

Reverie     by Avalon     complete

The Witchblade gives Sara another dream...

Roundball     by Robinhood     complete

Just a what if... Sara had played b-ball with Ian?

Seeker      by Adrianna AEternalis     complete

Throughout his lifetime, he sought so many things - safety, peace, love, the next Knight and Wielder - now it was time to seek something only for himself.

Setanta     by Ossian     complete

The effects of the Witchblade on Sara and the lives around her.

Ship of Dreams     by Angharad/Wolfhoundwitch     complete     NC-17

Who's the pirate?

Smell Of Desire     by Spin11     24/??

Add two matchmaking waitresses, a few pick up lines, a seductive dance and you get a night Sara and her dark knight will never forget.

Stalker     by Chornyi     complete

Takin' a break from Vulnerable Ian.. How about Dangerous Ian?

Stolen Season     by claudia flies     complete     R

[Witchbladecomic] A missing scene. What could have happened between Sara and Nottingham in Rio during issue 17.

Tell Me a Story     by Lassar     complete

A bedtime story for young Ian, as told by Kenneth. Part of the Father's Day challenge.

Tempus Fugit     by Ossian     complete

Sara may only be able to reverse time once, but the windows are always open and the Witchblade isnít finished with her lessons.

The Heart Remembers     by trinchardin     complete

An accident changes things between the Wielder, her protector, and the man who seeks to own her.

The True Protector     by Gracie     complete

Takes place immediately after "Periculum". The wielder of the Witchblade has only one true protector and companion. Who will it be?

Verschworung und Kaiserreich     by Kitsa     complete

A little piece in response to aka Isis's challenge. Humor.

Watcher in the Shadows     by Tracey Claybon     complete

Lazar is speaking right after the events in the season finale, right after the time rewind.

What Memories are Made of     by Kitsa     complete

When something important happens in young Sara's life, who is there to keep an eye on her? Another one of my early pieces, not exactly a sequel but set after Variations on a Theme

Witchblade: Collision     by DarkAngelus1     15/??

[X-Over WB tv/comic & Darkness] Cow's Ian Nottingham and Jackie Estacado get thrown together in a strange place. Enter some old friends from TNT. . .

Why Do You Care?     by The Blue Raven     complete

Ian explains to Sara why he feels the way he does about her. Takes place (obviously) before enigmatic/cuddly Ian got replaced by creepy/psychotic Ian.

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