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Belonging      complete

Set during BtVS 2.20 Go Fish
Banter and a chase...*g*

Big Brother Teaser

Totally AU.

Checkpoint (Light Of My Life)      complete

I altered the end of Checkpoint and made it a bit B/A-friendlier, also to give a better reason why Angel regains his sanity after the whole Darla-mess.

Cold Coffee      complete      NC - 17

I took a look in the future, let's say 4 years?

Come What May      complete      NC - 17

Willow returns from LA, she's not alone. Will Buffy be happy about just another person in her home? And will they be able to defeat the First?

Dreams Are My Reality      complete

Set in S3, immediately before "The Prom".

Drabbles      More Drabbles

Various drabbles for the "Open on Sunday" community.

Falling Into You      complete

AU. Everyone's human. + Angst-warning!!!

Gentle Is The Night      complete

S2, pre-curse. So this takes place between Ted and Bad Eggs.

Have You Ever?      complete      NC - 17

Somewhere in the 2nd half of Season 4, Buffy and Riley have a little talk about soulmates *g*

Heat      complete      NC - 17

Season 3 BtVS, after Amends but before Bad Girls. Lucey's been naughty. ;o) We were suffering from a heatwave so I think that'll explain...

Healing      complete

During BtVS S6 Seeing Red but AtS 3.20 already happened. So Connor's back but we're in the middle of Seeing Red.

Heaven      complete

The episode After Life made me cry, it's so sad. But what really happened when Buffy was in Heaven?

Homecoming      complete

post BtVS 4x11 Doomed and AtS 1x11. The end of "Doomed" never happened, Buffy never kissed Riley.

Lunchbreak      complete      NC - 17

Takes place after I will remember you, but not really following it. Just kinda taking place during Season 4 BtVS/Season 1 Ats, oh did I say PWP and CWC? *wg* nothing but smut...he he

Memories      complete      NC - 17

After BtVS Hush/ AtS Parting Gifts.
Cordelia gets angry with Angel and causes some unexpected events.

Never Be The Same Again      complete

Season 3 BtVS. Angel has some news.

Normal Again      complete

Buffy gave up and her friends don't know how to help her. Guess who might save Buffy? (itís *that* simple *g*)

Of Friends And Lovers

Prologue - Part 10

Original Version      complete

Part 11 - Epilogue

Dark Version      wip      NC - 17

Part 11 - Part 21

Totally AU, no vamps, everybody's human, they're young and restless *g*

One      complete      NC - 17

Well there is plot. Starts during BtVS 7.06 Him (AtS 4.06 Spin The Bottle already happened)

On The Road      on hold

Prologue - Part 4   

Angel is in *big* trouble and only one person can help him - guess who it is? *g*

Passion      complete

Takes place during BtVS 2x17 "Passion". Angelus starts torturing Buffy. Or himself? *wg*

Single, White Female      complete      NC - 17

Totally AU, Buffy needs a new roommate Ė itís that simple. Whatíd you expect? Itís PWP!

The Cure      complete

set between BtVS Season 3 and 4.
Buffy and Angel can't sleep, but what causes it? Might be a little angsty but if you know me, you know that it probably won't stay that way ;o)

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