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Angel Of Darkness Series      complete

The Woman Before Me :
S2, after Surprise. Probably at the school during IOHEFY. I really would prefer not give the plot away. I just promise it's not what the title is hinting at. Read it. It's short and just a little dark.
Forgive Me :
Some nights after TWBM
Sister of Mine :
Remember that last line of 'TWBM'? Just to refresh your memory... "Will Kendra think of me as we kill her?"
Angel of Darkness :
Acathla is about to be awakened. What does Angelus think while Buffy is trying to save the world?

Being Me      complete

COMPLETELY AU. Being Buffy Summers. College Student. Daughter, Friend and Lover.

Choco-Angel-Latte      complete

Fluff warning. Buffy doesn't like some habits of her boyfriend's secretary, and decides to set things straight.

Come To Me      complete

S3. 'Enemies'. B/A, with heavy B/Aus overtones.

Flashes      complete & revised

Angel needs help. Buffy and the gang (and many not-mentioned others) go to Los Angeles. Chaos ensues. Angel is hurt. Cordy and Buffy both tend to him.

Kitty Cat      complete

Future, a sequel of sorts for 'One Of THOSE Days'...

Late At Night      complete

Future fic

Midsummer Night's Dream      complete

Because sometimes we only have a summer and sometimes we only have a dream.

More Than Friends Series

AU-fic. When the line between friendship and love disappears...

One Of THOSE Days      complete

There are bad days and there are good days, which one is this?

Prank      complete

Pranks are played, but it's all for a good cause. ;-)

Sequences      complete

Buffy will try to convince Angel to marry her... But considering that this is an AU fic (NO vampires, NO Slayer!) I guess everything can happen...

Simpler      complete

A bit disjointed B/Aus for Hannah's birthday.

Sunday Morning      complete

Sunday mornings are meant to be enjoyed... and that's exactly what this characters will do.

Torn      complete

Set mid S2. Five consecutive nights. Five nights Buffy has to meet him. Five nights Angelus has to look for her. Five nights until passion consumes them.

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