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Some fanfics in this archive contain adult situations and/or language, sex and/or violence. They are rated NC-17. If you're not over the age of 17 or don't wish to read any of this, don't go anywhere near fictions marked NC-17. You're hereby warned. We won't take responsibility for injuries you might sustain from reading them. Nevertheless enjoy all other stories.


A Bloody Marriage    by Desdemona & Kyria  complete  NC - 17

Challenge story (2 Heads Challficathon). AU. Buffy and Angel come from rival kingdoms. In exchange for peace these two barter with their bodies, minds and souls.

A Broken Hallelujah    by Yseult  complete

Four years after "Chosen" and "Home", Buffy and Angel try again.

A Night At The Sunnydale High Library    by Gia  complete  NC - 17

Basically PWP. Buffy and Angel get frisky in the library. But is someone watching? After Surprise (so I'm watching FX reruns). There's no happiness clause.

A Night At The Bronze    by Gia  complete  NC - 17

Sequel to A night at the Sunnydale High Library.

A Night At Xander's    by Gia  complete  NC - 17

Sequel to A night at the Bronze.

A Reason To Drown    by Yseult  complete  NC - 17

A chance encounter between Angel and Buffy raises old ghosts.

After The End    by Indie  complete

B/Aus. Buffy POV. Far future. After the End of Days. Rather on the fluffy side. Short.

Alive    by Hannahbee  complete

The meeting after Flooded with an epiphany and a surprise.

Angel Of Darkness Series    by Leni  complete

S2, after Surprise.

Arm In The Box (Prologue - Part 3)    by Angharad  wip  NC - 17

Takes place in Season Two.
What if Buffy had gone with Angel to hide The Judge's arm?

Artist's Inspiration    by Maxwell  complete  NC - 17

AU. Buffy is in need for a job to help support her and her sister Dawn, and when she is hired as an artist's personal assistant they both get more then they ever expected.

Begin A New Day    by Maquis Leader  complete  NC - 17

Sequel to 'The End Of Days'.

When the sun rises again, Buffy picks up the pieces.

Being Me    by Leni  complete

COMPLETELY AU. Being Buffy Summers. College Student. Daughter, Friend and Lover.

Belonging    by Lucey  complete

Set during BtVS 2.20 Go Fish
Banter and a chase...*g*

Better True Love    by SCWLC  complete

Cordelia and Angel are getting married but not everything is as it seems.

Blinded    by Stars  complete

An alternate take on Angelus return.

bluot mnde (Part 1-2)    by Hannahbee  wip  NC - 17

AU. It's the Blood Moon and the vampire queen & her childer celebrate it the only way that promises pleasure.

Bring Forth The Night    by Maquis Leader  complete  NC - 17

Alternate Sequel to 'The End Of Days'

As the sun sets again, Angelus puts the pieces together.

Broken    by Indie  complete  NC - 17

B/Aus. Alt future piece. Breaks off after BTVS Season 6, AtS   season 3.
Angelus wanted nothing more than to break Buffy. He had no idea what he was wishing for. Dark. Torture, multiple character deaths, bloodplay.

Broken Bindings    by Maquis Leader  complete

Buffy deals with the damage from the Cruciamentum.

Build Me Up Buttercup    by Maxwell  complete  NC - 17

AU. Buffy is planning the wedding event of the year, and she doesn't want anyone to know about it. Her ex-husband isn't making things easy for her, especially since he's still in love with her.

Checkpoint (Light Of My Life)    by Lucey  complete

I altered the end of Checkpoint and made it a bit B/A-friendlier, also to give a better reason why Angel regains his sanity after the whole Darla-mess.

Choco-Angel-Latte    by Leni  complete

Fluff warning. Buffy doesn't like some habits of her boyfriend's secretary, and decides to set things straight.

Chosen Mistake (Prologue - Part 24)    by Stacie  unfinished

Lies, mistakes, and the betrayal of a parent make the consequences so much more painful.

Cold Coffee    by Lucey  complete  NC - 17

I took a look in the future, let's say 4 years?

Come To Me    by Leni  complete

S3. 'Enemies'. B/A, with heavy B/Aus overtones.

Come What May    by Lucey  complete  NC - 17

Willow returns from LA, she's not alone. Will Buffy be happy about just another person in her home? And will they be able to defeat the First?

Cometh The Hour    by Jo  complete  NC - 17

The follow-up to 'Tyger, Tyger'.

Criminal    by Kyria  complete  NC - 17

AU, Angelus and Angel are brothers. In fact, they are twins. No one is vampy. There is a lot of pointlessness and smut, maybe a few men in leather pants.

Culture Shock (Part 1 - 15)    by Loftyheights  unfinished

AU. The Summers family is hosting a foreign exchange student for Cultural Month and Buffy is none too enthused. But maybe her opinion will change when she finally meets her new guest...

Damage    by Indie  complete  NC - 17

AU. Buffy is a spoiled rich girl with a secret. Angel is a sorcerer hungry for power.

Dark Beauty (Part 1 - 10)    by Angel  wip  NC - 17

Completely AU. Angelus is a vampire, and he has no desire for knowing anything but the darkness that surrounds him from day to day. Until he meets the daughter of Hank Summers, that is. Now he's torn between letting beautiful Buffy live her life as it should be: perfect. Or giving in to his urges and stealing her away in the night, to be his eternal mate.

Darkness (Part 1 - 5)    by Snoopy  wip

During Angel's DARK stage in season 2.In a desperate state Cordelia does the only   thing she can, and calls up Buffy, and tells her to get to L.A, ASAP.....

Dear Fate    by Maquis Leader  complete  NC - 17

Sequel to 'Laughing At Fate'

Looking back on her life, Buffy writes a letter to the only person who would understand.

Desperately Seeking Cookies    by PigPimping  complete  NC - 17

Buffy POV. Spoilers: Up through both the Angel season and Buffy series finale. Mama loves her some B/A cookie goodness, so dammit, I'm treating myself.

Diluted Truth    by Tango  complete  NC - 17

The Powers That Be give Angel a chance to change everything.

Domestication    by Indie  complete  NC - 17

AU. In a world where demons and humans wage open warfare, Angel has been enlisted to help the Slayer.

Dominion    by Christine  complete  NC - 17

Challenge story. After Rain of Fire. Angelus is not, NOT a happy camper. He's not too pleased with what Angel's been doing lately and let's everyone know that.

Drabbles      More Drabbles    by Lucey

Various drabbles for the "Open on Sunday" community.

Drawings Of You    by Tango  complete  NC - 17

Completely AU. My first one with no vamps or Slayers. Everyone's just plain ole human. Angel is a womanizing artist and Buffy is a gallery owner. A love at first sight fic.

Dreams Are My Reality    by Lucey  complete

Set in S3, immediately before "The Prom".

Driving. SEE Coffee.    by Yseult  complete

Futurefic. Buffy takes a drive to see Angel. This is offered in the true spirit of fluff.

Drown In Me (Part 1 - 5)    by Angel  wip  NC - 17

Completely AU. They Knew No One Would Approve...But Love Doesn't Need Approval From Those It Does Not Belong To. So Can Our Favorite Lovers Overcome The Control And Class Of Their Time?...Or Will Power Supress Their Love?

Facade (Part 1 - 4)    by Sarah  unfinished   NC - 17

AU :) im not giving the storyline away!! This is a response to a fantastic challenge by Harrie.

Falling Into You    by Lucey  complete

AU. Everyone's human. + Angst-warning!!!

Fashion Victim    by Maquis Leader  complete

Some accessories are best left in the box.

Finding Peace    by Ralkana  complete

Some days the deeds of Angelus just become too much for Angel to bear.

Finding Someday    by Tango  complete  NC - 17

After Giles' leaves in S5, Buffy goes to see Angel instead of kissing Spike. Whole fic is in Angel's POV.

Flashes    by Leni  complete & revised

Angel needs help. Buffy and the gang (and many not-mentioned others) go to Los Angeles. Chaos ensues. Angel is hurt. Cordy and Buffy both tend to him.

For Whom The Bell Tolls    by Ralkana  complete

Curiosity killed the cat, and it isn't all that great for the vamp either.

Forever... That's The Whole Point    by Angellover  complete  NC - 17

AU. No demons, vampires, or any other evil. Angel is normal. Buffy is normal. And life is normal. Yeah, normal, right. Nothing's ever normal where our beloved couple is concerned. Stay tuned and you'll see what I mean. Now, with that said here's the deal. Eighteen year old Buffy Summers falls for rich Angel O'Conner, but she has a secret that may tear them apart.

Fred's History Lesson    by Maquis Leader  complete

Fred wants to know about this "sex" curse of Angel's.

Free To A Good Home    by Maquis Leader  complete

It's time for Buffy's birthday once again...

Full Circle    by Sarah  complete  NC - 17

Set 9 years after Chosen.
Contains spoilers for ATS Season 5. Buffy and Angel have both built their own lives, albeit in completely different directions from each other... What happens when our heroes meet once more and events of the past come full circle.

Gentle Is The Night    by Lucey  complete

S2, pre-curse. So this takes place between Ted and Bad Eggs.

Glimpse    by Indie  complete

Breaks off canon after AtS season 2. No Connor. No Buffy back from the dead. Set several years into the future. Angel and the team are stuck in an alternate reality trying to find a relic they need. They get more than they bargained for.

Guard My Heart (Part 1 - 11)    by Angel  wip  NC - 17

AU. Angelus, working reluctantly at Angel Investigations in Los Angeles, is hired by an even more reluctant Rupert Giles; the legal guardian of orphan Buffy Summers after Buffy's absent father dies, and leaves Buffy a string of debts to pay with her flesh and blood. Reluctant to babysit and act as a 'bodyguard' to a snivelling teenager, Angelus agrees at the requests of his money-hungry co-workers, to atleast meet Buffy, and upon meeting her he instantly claims her heart as his own. But can the two find it in themselves to put pride aside, and let their mutual desires fuel their existence together?

Hard Lesson    by Indie  complete

POV. Angst. After the battle at the End of Days, Buffy reflects on her relationship with Angel.

Have You Ever?    by Lucey  complete  NC - 17

Somewhere in the 2nd half of Season 4, Buffy and Riley have a little talk about soulmates *g*

Heat    by Lucey  complete  NC - 17

Season 3 BtVS, after Amends but before Bad Girls. Lucey's been naughty. ;o) We were suffering from a heatwave so I think that'll explain...

Healing    by Lucey  complete

During BtVS S6 Seeing Red but AtS 3.20 already happened. So Connor's back but we're in the middle of Seeing Red.

Heaven    by Lucey  complete

The episode After Life made me cry, it's so sad. But what really happened when Buffy was in Heaven?

Homecoming    by Lucey  complete

post BtVS 4x11 Doomed and AtS 1x11. The end of "Doomed" never happened, Buffy never kissed Riley.

Human Society    by Snoopy  complete

AU. Buffy was abandoned when she was little, and raised by wolves. How will she adapt to society when a handsom young man finds her?

I Believe    by Maquis Leader  complete

Do you believe in ghosts?

Identical Entity (Prologue - Part 19)    by Stacie   unfinished

AU. They are the same person but couldn't be more different (and no, I'm not talking about Angel/Angelus)

If Wishes Were Kisses    by Maquis Leader  complete

Angel escorts Buffy to Xander and Anya's wedding.

Images Of Us    by Tango  complete  NC - 17

Completely AU. Sequel to 'Drawings Of You'.

Incomplete    by Cendari  complete

Challenge story (2 Heads Challficathon). During Ats S5 The Girl in Question: Angel and Spike catch up with Buffy.

Inescapable    by Ares & Pyscho Slayer  complete

Challenge story (2 Heads Challficathon). AU. Angel O'Connor has just moved to Sunnydale to be a professor at UC Sunnydale after his divorce with Fred Burkle. Buffy Summers who is always been known around the campus as the "easy teacher" is smitten when she first sees Angel. And when Angel firsts sees Buffy he is taken by her.

Insane Photographer VS. Difficult Cereal Man: A Water Frolic     by Charisma Brendon & Liz  complete

Challenge story (2 Heads Challficathon). Add a female photographer, one snarky assistant, and an unwilling model together. Stir in zany situations, nifty zingers, and an enclosed room. Set them in motion and watch, mock, and laugh. Results may vary.

Irony And Elvis    by Maquis Leader  complete

A dash of irony in the eternal battle between Good and Evil. Just to keep things interesting...

Jezebel In Hell (Part 1 - 10)    by Kyria  wip  NC - 17

Set in S6/3 of BtVS and AtS. How Ky fixed the 'seasons of suck.'

Just in the Neighborhood...    by Ralkana  complete

Finding oneself sometimes means returning to where the journey began.

Justified    by Briony Cain  complete  NC - 17

Set after Angel Season 3 Finale Tomorrow. My version of Deep Down.

Kitty Cat    by Leni  complete

Future, a sequel of sorts for 'One Of THOSE Days'...

L et Ailleurs    by Yseult  complete

AU. Instead of disappearing into Hell, Angel follows Buffy to LA. This story is set in the days and weeks following "Becoming II".

Late At Night    by Leni  complete

Future fic

Laughing At Fate    by Maquis Leader  complete

Angel decides he and Buffy have been Fate's bitch long enough.

Leap Of Faith    by Stars  complete  NC - 17

Buffy meets her soul mate in a nightclub, Angel McBride. He promises to call for another date, but some unforseen circumstances get in the way. Can our star crossed lovers find each other in the end?

Let Me Let Go    by Briony Cain  complete

I heard this song on the radio today. I grabbed a pen and this is what came out.

Lionesses    by Jo  complete  NC - 17

The fifth story in 'The Nature of the Beast' cycle.

Love Of The Past (Part 1)    by Angel  wip

AU. Everyone has a past...even if it's one that's so far back that we don't remember it. But what happens when the past of Buffy Summers, the gorgeous, glamorous President's daughter, comes back to find her? Especially when that past arrives in the shape of a mysterious stranger?...

Love To See You Cry    by Snoopy  complete

Song fic. Angelus visits Buffy to leave a note.

Lunchbreak    by Lucey  complete  NC - 17

Takes place after I will remember you, but not really following it. Just kinda taking place during Season 4 BtVS/Season 1 Ats, oh did I say PWP and CWC? *wg* nothing but smut...he he

Ma'at    by Jo  complete  NC - 17

Follow-up to Pride.
Angelus and Buffy still arent on speaking terms. Angelus is not taking this well. In fact, hes being as bad as bad can be.

Man's Best Friend    by PigPimping  complete

Epilogue for 'Desperately Seeking Cookies'. Angel/Other Alternating POV. Angel and his best friend have a chat.

Master of Tactics: The Sacrifice of Enrique    by Dana  complete

Buffy's getting married. Angel decides on a plan of action. First in a series.

Master of Tactics: Misdirections    by Dana  complete

Sequel to The Sacrifice of Enrique... Angel goes to Sunnydale. You can't expect a man to just stand by, can you?

Meet The Manservant    by PigPimping  complete

Sequel to 'Desperately Seeking Cookies'. Commencing with the smackdown. Sweaty fighting action is so fun.

Memories    by Lucey  complete  NC - 17

After BtVS Hush/ AtS Parting Gifts.
Cordelia gets angry with Angel and causes some unexpected events.

Midnight     by Christine & Lela Rose  complete  NC - 17

Challenge story (2 Heads Challficathon). AU. Set in a future where humanity has taken a nose dive, and it's a kill or be killed world plagued with poverty and nasty things waiting around every corner to harm you. Buffy is a bounty hunter, known for her beauty, strength, agility, and cunningness. She has something akin to slayer strength, but it's not the PTB that gives her supernatural power, it's the beast that rages within her.

Midsummer Night's Dream    by Leni  complete

Because sometimes we only have a summer and sometimes we only have a dream.

Misguided Trust (Part 1 - 10)    by Sarah  unfinished   NC - 17

AU :) sorry thats all you are getting.

Mo Anam Chara    by Angellover  complete  NC - 17

AU. Angel Investigations has a new neighbor and Connor feels there is definitely something off. Soon he and his father find out what.

More Than Friends Series    by Leni  complete

AU-fic. When the line between friendship and love disappears...

Naked Lust    by Snoopy  complete  NC - 17

Angel and Buffy are two rich kids that hate each other, but find themselves falling under the veil of lust and passion.

Never Be The Same Again    by Lucey  complete

Season 3 BtVS. Angel has some news.

No Strings    by Maquis Leader  complete

If you know about the upcoming epi Smile Time, then you probably know what this story's about. If you don't know, then you'll be surprised and hopefully enjoy it.

Nobody Knows It But Me    by Briony Cain  complete

Sequel to Let Me Let Go. It's Angel's turn.

Normal Again    by Lucey  complete

Buffy gave up and her friends don't know how to help her. Guess who might save Buffy? (its *that* simple *g*)

Not Even Death    by SCWLC  complete

What if Buffy's soul didn't go to Heaven in 'The Gift' and instead got sent into a new body?

Of Friends And Lovers - Original Version    by Lucey  complete  NC - 17

Totally AU, no vamps, everybody's human, they're young and restless *g*

Of Friends And Lovers - Dark Version (Part 1- 21)     by Lucey  wip  NC - 17

Totally AU, no vamps, everybody's human, they're young and restless *g*

On The Road (Prologue - Part 4)    by Lucey  on hold

Angel is in *big* trouble and only one person can help him - guess who it is? *g*

One    by Lucey  complete  NC - 17

Well there is plot. Starts during BtVS 7.06 Him (AtS 4.06 Spin The Bottle already happened)

One Of THOSE Days    by Leni  complete

There are bad days and there are good days, which one is this?

Our Sons And Daughters (Part 1-12)      by Baby Blues  wip

Buffy and Angel have been seperate for almost five years, and the Powers That Be are none too happy about it. So . . . what to do to bring their two greatest warriors together once more? Drop 8 of their teenagers from other dimensions on their laps, of course.

Our Sons And Daughters - Vignette: History With Tristan    by Baby Blues  complete

Tristan gets bored in history class and has lunch with Paige.

Our Sons And Daughters - Vignette: To Be In Love With Aiden    by Baby Blues  complete

A girl from Aiden's dimension shares her secrets.

Passion    by Lucey  complete

Takes place during BtVS 2x17 "Passion". Angelus starts torturing Buffy. Or himself? *wg*

Passions To Wed...The Things We Do For Love (Part 1 - 7)    by Angel  wip

Starts at the beginning of "Passions" right before Angel touches Buffy's cheek before leaving the drawing. Buffy wakes, and Angelus has decided to act as Angel to get Buffy to run back to his mansion in Ireland with him to be married forever...Only one problem. Buffy wants her friends to come with. How will Angelus deal with Xander for a few weeks? Angel couldn't even deal with Xander for a few minutes!

Phantom Limb Pains    by Hannahbee  complete  NC - 17

missing scenes/ rewrite piece

Buffy loses Angel, her child and her life, but she's given another chance. Back from the dead she faces the familiar cravings and pains of pregnancy. Problem is she's not pregnant at all. Will she still find happiness?

Prank    by Leni  complete

Pranks are played, but it's all for a good cause. ;-)

Pride    by Jo  complete  NC - 17

In 'Cometh the Hour' we left Angel on a hillside waiting for the sunrise. This is what happened next. It might help you to read the previous stories in this cycle first, but it probably isn't essential.

Promises In The Dark    by Maquis Leader  complete

Angel and Buffy's meeting after her return from beyond.

Ravenous    by D.L. LePage aka Rehatha  complete  NC - 17

Spoilers for Suprise/Innocence.
What vampire with half a brain would waste an opportunity like that?

Resurfacing    by Ralkana  complete

Angel is drowning, and no one around him seems to notice.

Revisited    by Maquis Leader  complete

Do we find the future in those places of the past?

Safe At Last     by blackbeltchic  complete

Challenge story (2 Heads Challficathon). During Ats S5 The Girl in Question: Angel and Spike catch up with Buffy.

Scent Of The Slayer    by Maquis Leader  complete

NC - 17

Just how in tune with the Slayer has Angel become?

Secrets And Lies    by Gia  complete  NC - 17

Post BtVS season 7 and AtS season 4. Will Buffy and Angel find their way back to each other in the future?

Sensual Obsession (Part 1 - 5)    by Angel  wip  NC - 17

AU. Left all alone at her uncle's mansion in Sunnydale, California, for the summer: Buffy Summers discovers that there's more to herself than she originally thought. Especially when she stumbles upon a story of a vampire named Angelus. The essence of the dark prince, surrounds her now. But what happens when Angelus discovers that Buffy is the mate he has been searching for, for the last few hundred years? Teasing and Smut shall ensue. But who will break first?

Sequences    by Leni  complete

Buffy will try to convince Angel to marry her... But considering that this is an AU fic (NO vampires, NO Slayer!) I guess everything can happen...

Simpler    by Leni  complete

A bit disjointed B/Aus for Hannah's birthday.

Single, White Female    by Lucey  complete  NC - 17

Totally AU, Buffy needs a new roommate its that simple. Whatd you expect? Its PWP!

Solstice    by Jo  complete  NC - 17

Follow-up to Maat. Angelus and Buffy are back together again, but is it forever this time? Do I need to buy a hat?

Soul Balm    by Briony Cain  complete  NC - 17

The events of Damage send Angel to see Buffy in Italy. Stars indicate actual dialogue taken from that episode.

Splitting Of Souls    by Kattie  complete

Buffy feels Angel's soul being released and goes to LA to investigate. There, she finds a soulless Angel, eighteen-year-old Connor, and the rest of the AI team. How will things differ for both Angel and Buffy when they decide to renew their relationship? Who will live and who will die during 'Chosen'? And just what is the deal with Connor anyway?

Sunday Morning    by Leni  complete

Sunday mornings are meant to be enjoyed... and that's exactly what this characters will do.

Ten Years Hung Over    by SCWLC  complete  NC - 17

Ten years from now Buffy goes to visit Angel.

The Cure    by Lucey  complete

set between BtVS Season 3 and 4.
Buffy and Angel can't sleep, but what causes it? Might be a little angsty but if you know me, you know that it probably won't stay that way ;o)

The End Of Days    by Maquis Leader  complete

NC - 17

The final confrontation between good and evil is here.

The Grass Isn't Always Greener in the Sunlight     by Ralkana  complete

Not getting what he thought he wanted might just lead Angel to what he needs.

The Gryphon's Secrets    by Maquis Leader  complete  NC - 17

Angelus       Angel

Who knows the truth behind Angel's tattoo?

The Last Bus Out Of Hell    by Maquis Leader  complete

BtVS finale. What lies at the end of the road from hell?

The Nature Of The Beast    by Jo  complete

Forever, that's the whole point, right. But how? And who?

The Other Side Of Tomorrow    by Stars  complete  NC - 17

AU/Challenge Fic. Buffy is the Goddess of Home and Family, but her own home and family isn't much to be desired. Can Buffy find true love and have the family that she's always wanted?

The Reclaiming    by Tango  complete  NC - 17

This fic slides in during Season 4 of Buffy, after "The I in Team" and Season 1 of Angel, after "She." Buffy finds out Angel's soul is permanent and goes to LA to confront him, but there's evil afoot when she gets there.

The Skate    by SCWLC  complete

AU. Buffy's a skater, Angel's a skater, Darla's jealous. Despite all my efforts to the contrary Riley turned into a moron.

The Skate - The Sequel    by SCWLC  complete

There were requests for a sequel to the first figure skating story and I was (somewhat) inspired so this is what happened between the end and the epilogue of the first story.

The Spring Games (Part 1)    by Hannahbee  wip   NC - 17

AU. A kind of Gladiator-fic without the fighting in the Arena, but there are still a floor/rug/bed/whatever and an unwilling virgin to be marked and claimed.

The Spy Who Loved...    by Hannahbee  complete

AU. Agent meets girl, falls in love and then it gets angsty.

The Taste of My Blood    by Tango  complete  NC - 17

Set just after Graduation, Buffy makes some decisions that change her future with Angel.

The Wireless Customer You Are Trying to Reach    by PigPimping  complete  NC - 17

Damn you wireless carriers and your shitty connections! This one's for YOU!

There's No Getting Around It, Costumes Are Evil    by SCWLC  complete

The Scooby gang goes back in time. It's a story trapped in an AU post S2 world.

To Kill A Cat    by Jo  complete  NC - 17

Remember Angel series 1 'The Ring'? Well, what if other people were after a really good fighter? A possible (although not necessarily THE) prequel to 'The Nature of The Beast'.

Torn    by Leni  complete

Set mid S2. Five consecutive nights. Five nights Buffy has to meet him. Five nights Angelus has to look for her. Five nights until passion consumes them.

Treacherous Love    by Angel  complete  NC - 17

Rich, beautiful Buffy Summers is sent to live with her absent father, Hank, in Devil's Gorge. There she meets Angelus, the son of rich, powerful William D'Aestas, and both have awful reputations. Should she trust her heart and follow what it tells her? Or should she listen to what she's been told, and stay away from Angelus...And the danger that follows him.

Trinity (Part 1)    by Hannahbee  wip  NC - 17

AU. Buffy needs some saving from the Dark Master. Guess who steps in?

Tyger, Tyger    by Jo  complete  NC - 17

The follow-up to 'To Kill a Cat'. If you haven't read that, it might be best if you do.

Want, Take, Have    by Tango  complete  NC - 17

S4. Wolfram & Hart have broken Faith out of prison to do a little damage to Buffy & Angel.

Was It Good For You Too?    by Hannahbee  complete  NC - 17

A one-sided conversation in a dark alley.

Was It Good For You Too? - Extended Version    by Hannahbee  complete  NC - 17

Here's what really happened in Was It Good For You Too?, with insights into Buffy's thoughts.

Weathering The Storm    by Trammie  complete  NC - 17

AU. Buffy takes up the challenge to bring her new officemate out of his shell.

When In Disgrace (Part 1 - 7)    by D.L. LePage aka Rehatha  wip  NC - 17

Spoiler: Killed By Death

Buffy lies in bed ill with Fever, do we really believe Xander could have stopped Angelus from seeing her?

White Flag    by Baby Blues  complete

Song Fic. Inspired by Dido's new music video "White Flag" with David Boreanaz. Buffy and Angel's fairytale romance ends. The trials and tribulations of a relationship in the public eye, as well as the pride that gets in between these 2 individuals.

Wife For A Day    by Angel  complete  NC - 17

Completely AU. Jilted by his fiance just hours before his sister's engagement party, Angelus D'Aestas needs a solution. No, all he really needs is a substitution, so his sister's big night isn't ruined. But where can he find a believable fiance, in just a few hours? Fate has a way of working things out on its own. As shown here when the 'Scam of A Lifetime' turns into a 'Love For Eternity'.

Winky's Passion    by PigPimping  complete

During the Buffy Sketching Session in Passions, because there is NO WAY in hell a dirty bastard like Angelus would just draw Her picture and leave...not if Winky had anything to say about it!

With Six You Get An Eggroll    by Maquis Leader  complete

NC - 17

Buffy and Angel delve into the mysteries of the Gypsy curse.

Wolf Pack    by Baby Blues  complete  NC - 17

AU. In a universe where werewolves silently rule the world with their power and mysteriousness, a lone wolf gains the leadership of an unbeatable pack . . . as well as the heart and the love of their precious queen.

Woman In Chains    by Hannahbee  complete  NC - 17

rewrite of Awakening & Get It Done

Buffy breaks free from her chains to face some unexpected changes.

Years Of Love    by Snoopy  complete  NC - 17

AU. Buffy moves to Sunnydale and makes friends with some of her neighbours friends. She dislikes one of them the most, the neighbour that was mentioned, but ends up falling for him. Can anyone guess who I'm talking about?? LOL.

You Can Never Tell What One Will Do For Love    by Christine  complete  NC - 17

Challenge Story, set in S3 of Buffy.
Angel's back from Hell, no one knows, things happen, but not the way you think. If this sounds familiar to you, it really isn't the same as the show.

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