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Our Sons And Daughters      wip       Family Album  (OSaD Fanart by Baby Blues)

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Buffy and Angel have been seperate for almost five years, and the Powers That Be are none too happy about it. So . . . what to do to bring their two greatest warriors together once more? Drop 8 of their teenagers from other dimensions on their laps, of course.

Our Sons And Daughters Vignettes

History With Tristan      complete

Tristan gets bored in history class and has lunch with Paige.

To Be In Love With Aiden      complete

A girl from Aiden's dimension shares her secrets.

White Flag      complete

Song Fic. Inspired by Dido's new music video "White Flag" with David Boreanaz. Buffy and Angel's fairytale romance ends. The trials and tribulations of a relationship in the public eye, as well as the pride that gets in between these 2 individuals.

Wolf Pack      complete

NC - 17

AU. In a universe where werewolves silently rule the world with their power and mysteriousness, a lone wolf gains the leadership of an unbeatable pack . . . as well as the heart and the love of their precious queen.

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