Our Sons And Daughters Vignette - To Be In Love With Aiden

Author: Baby Blues

Disclaimer: Characters are not mine, except for the children and the story itself.

Notes: I got tired of typing up Chapter 8 of “Our Sons and Daughters” and decided to write short vignettes to keep myself from getting frustrated with the continuation of this fic. I figure it’ll really help with my writing and keep my muse . . . amused. ^__^ Enjoy.

Summary: A girl from Aiden’s dimension shares her secrets.

Dedication: To my muffin. I’m sorry.


It wasn’t easy to love Aiden Matthew Summers. But I still did so with a song in my soul and my heart on my sleeve, along with every other girl in Sunnydale High . . . in their own way I guess.

I had just moved into Sunnydale with my parents. My mom had been driving me to school when I saw him walking along the side of the road. Dressed in a worn out black shirt, faded blue jeans and Converse sneakers, he looked quite the hellion.

My mother agreed.

“Do me a favor, Elisa,” she said. “Don’t ever bring home that type of boy to meet me and your father unless you want to give us heart attacks.” She laughed heartedly and something about boys who wore leather jackets and rolled their packs of cigarettes on their sleeves.

I said nothing but studied him more carefully through the side mirror as we continued to drive on. Tousled blond locks and a never ending scowl that I would later grow to love was my first real sight of him.

My gaze wavered to the expansive building that came into view. My heart lurched as I saw Sunnydale High in all its glory.

“You’ll do great,” my mom said reassuringly.

I only nodded as I took a deep breath, opened the car door and stepped foot onto my new school, my new life.

“I’ll pick you up at 3!” Mom called out through the car window.

“Three-thirty,” I reminded her.

She looked bashful and rolled her eyes at herself. “Right. Three-thirty it is. Love you, honey!” She waved, blew me a kiss, and drove off.

I stood there, my heart in my stomach as I thought of my next affirmative action.

“You lost?” a girl asked curiously.

“No, just stunned.”

She laughed. “Katie Connelly.”

“Elisa Hunter.”

“You must be new.”

‘That obvious?”

“Yeah, and I was trying to help the conversation along.”

“Maybe you can take it elsewhere? Like maybe away from the sidewalk?” a new voice said mockingly.

We both looked up to find the boy I had seen walking smirking down at us. But what caught me off-guard wasn’t his sly comment, it was his piercing baby blue eyes that left me a little breathless and awed.

“Don’t you have some other place to be? Juvenile Correctional Facility ring a bell?” a whole new voice cut in.

The three of us turned to see an exotic blonde glaring at him.

“Lexi,” he greeted in a leer, “Same bitter self as always but still managing to look quite lovely today.”

She lifted her chin and crossed her arms in reply, but the blush that crept up onto her cheeks betrayed her haughty response, “Go bother someone else, Aiden.”

He chuckled, bowed and began walking away through a group of practicing varsity cheerleaders.

They all stopped to glare at him and protest.

Aiden only shrugged, turned to walk backwards before lazily throwing his arms in the air. “Be aggressive. Be, be aggressive,” he deadpanned before giving them all a devastating smile that left them speechless.

“God, I hate him!” Lexi whispered harshly.

Katie rolled her eyes.

The hot blonde looked me over. “You must be new.”

“Elisa Hunter.”

“Lexi Gaescou,” she introduced herself, “Sorry you had to witness that. Aiden Summers is not exactly my best friend.”

We began walking towards the school.

“But he’s definitely her eye-candy,” Katie whispered.

And that was when I found out that though Aiden Matthew Summers was the official Sunnydale loner and bad boy, he was still silently wanted by most of the female population.

Maybe it was the pride he radiated and the arrogance in his walk despite the shabbiness of his background which everyone told me wasn’t exactly stellar. But whatever it was varsity cheerleaders with their jock boyfriends, menopausal teachers with their stern glares, hot bombshells like Lexi with their Mercedes, and even sexually repressed soccer moms like mine found him intriguing.

They never admitted it. No one did. The girls whispered about him in the locker rooms. They often complained about what he did or said to one of them but I only realized that it was just an excuse to talk about him.

“Aiden Summers was found smoking on school grounds again,” a girl sang as she opened her locker and stuffed her pom poms inside.

The whole locker room grew silent and listened in or gathered around her casually, trying to hide their interest by playing it off. “Mrs. Schumacher found him. He’s been expelled for three days.”

“Good riddance,” a girl commented and there was a quiet murmur of agreement.

“And what is up with that shirt he’s always wearing,” another girl added. “Pink Floyd is so . . . 70’s.”

The girls agreed but I can sense that they liked his shirt. I liked his shirt. It fit him perfectly and showed off his nice body and great tan. It wasn’t a red neck tan either. A healthy olive tan that I imagined was all over his body. Except maybe his tight ass that was obvious through his form fitting jeans.

I heard a girl giggle next to me. It was Alexia, the school’s shy band geek. And I could only imagine what she was thinking of.

It was those little things that made me realize that the girls all showed their attraction for him in little ways. The blushes, the smiles and giggles they tried to hide. The way they brought him up out of the blue and made fun of him.

He was the boy no one could have, the most untouchable person in Sunnydale. He was cocky and had the distinct ability to make you feel as little or as big as the world in one sentence. And so his appeal became even stronger.

But it wasn’t until later that year did I find out that Lexi, especially, was more than just fascinated by him.

We had been walking through the streets, just heading home from the Bronze and towards Lexi’s car. Katie had stayed with a few of her other friends. With our Starbucks drink in our hands we continued on through the expanse of the parking lot.

“The band was nice,” I said, trying to make conversation.

“They’re okay. The drummer was cute.”

A rustle behind us made me stop and look behind us.


“I thought I heard something.”

Lexi stopped too now and we both stood there waiting, my hand reaching for my ever reliable pepper spray.

Another rustle and then a man came flying towards us.

Lexi screamed and I backed away as I saw the man’s face.

But I didn’t have time to study it more carefully as another form came flying out of the bushes, tackling our offender onto the paved road. The commotion left Lexi and I stunned as we watched the brawl in silent fascination.

Our champion continued pummeling our attacker before they both got up and went for each other. We heard a distinct ‘oomph’ as our savior doubled over. Lexi stepped forward as if to see he was okay but the struggle went on.

Our hero then backed up, pausing for a brief breather before pulling something out from his jacket. With a roar he punched his opponent and drove his weapon through his heart.

Lexi and I gasped as we heard a deadly scream that sent chills down our spine. But we didn’t have time to think too much of it as our savior fell face first on the ground.

“Oh my God,” I heard myself say.

But Lexi didn’t skip a beat as she ran towards the fallen form. I followed her as she turned him around and we saw Aiden, deathly pale, eyes drooping before finally becoming as still as a corpse.

“Oh God,” Lexi whispered.

She then lifted her hand to the light above us and choked on a gasp. I held my breath at the blood that covered her hand and we watched in sick fascination as it dripping down to her arm.

The blood stain on Lexi’s backseat is still there, even to this day, hidden under books and an excuse that one of her friends had smeared ketchup all over it after a night of joyriding and eating.

We drove him to the hospital that night. Two stab wounds to the chest and a slice across his stomach with a dagger that neither the doctors nor the detectives could identify. “It’s old. Ancient with rust,” they explained simply.

Lexi had sat beside me, quiet and intense.

I looked at her, wondering what she was thinking.

“I was five when I first met him,” she began as if reading my thoughts, “He was walking home. His shirt was a size too big, his pants too. It kept inching down at every step and he kept lifting it up.”

A tear fell from her hazel eyes.

“But despite his hand-me-down clothing, his messy hair, his shoes that had seen better days he still wore his confidence like a shiny gold medal,” Lexi smiled through her tears. “I was at the park. I had run away from home because my parents had gotten my sister the Malibu Barbie set that I had wanted. I didn’t know my way back. It was already getting dark and I was on the swing set crying.”

A doctor passed us and she stopped, hoping for news.

The doctor continued walking on and so did she with her story. “He looked like he was ready to just leave me there. I didn’t think he really knew how to handle it. But he came up to me, asked me what was wrong.” She smiled again. “He led me home that night, holding my hand all the way to my front door. Me. A sniveling spoiled brat. I thanked him and he just gave me a smile, a real genuine smile that I had never seen again.”

She paused, lifting her head to stare absentmindedly at the fake flowers on the coffee table. “He’s a jerk, the biggest asshole I’ve ever known my entire life. He doesn’t know how to treat other people but there are times when you wonder if beneath all that . . . if he has the biggest heart in the world,” she grinned and looked at me, her expression serious. “As you’ve noticed, Sunnydale isn’t exactly your typical town. Nobody really talks about it but most everyone here has been saved by him at one point or another . . . .”

And that was when it hit me. “You love him.”

She chuckled lightly, hiding her face from me. “It’s not easy to love Aiden Matthew Summers,” she said with a sigh, “But I do so anyway.”

I understood what she meant because deep in my own heart I had fallen for him too. I didn’t even know how it had happened. I had barely exchanged a few words with him . . . but I knew. Dear God. I had fallen for a boy I could never have. Before I could say anything the doctor came to us. We both stood up to hear the news.

“His heart had stopped,” began and I heard Lexi sob. “Don’t worry. We were able to revive him. He’s now in stable condition. He’s going to be fine.”

“Thank you,” Lexi nodded before grabbing her jacket and purse.

“You’re welcome,” the doctor said before frowning, “Are you sure you don’t want me to tell him that you’re the ones who brought him here.”

“Yes. I’m sure.”

I only nodded in agreement.

It was three weeks later when we saw him again. Katie, Lexi and I had been sitting on one of the picnic tables at lunch. We looked up and saw him walking stiffly towards us with his ever present smirk on his face.

“Hello girls,” he greeted, stealing some French fries from our trays.

“Can you be anymore vile?” Lexi glared at him venomously.

He grinned. “Can you be anymore of a bitch?” he asked, throwing a fry at her.

“Go to hell, Summers,” Lexi retorted as she threw a napkin at him.

“Geez,” he backed away, “Get laid already, Gascow.”

“That’s Gaescou, you prick!” she yelled at his back.

His response was the bird.

Lexi hid a smile.

Everything was back to normal.

As normal as it would get here at Sunnydale High.


~The End~

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