Snoopy's Fics

Darkness      wip

Part 1 - 5

During Angel's DARK stage in season 2.In a desperate state Cordelia does the only   thing she can, and calls up Buffy, and tells her to get to L.A, ASAP.....

Human Society      complete

AU. Buffy was abandoned when she was little, and raised by wolves. How will she adapt to society when a handsom young man finds her?

Love To See You Cry      complete

Song fic. Angelus visits Buffy to leave a note.

Naked Lust      complete

NC - 17

Angel and Buffy are two rich kids that hate each other, but find themselves falling under the veil of lust and passion.

Years Of Love      complete

NC - 17

AU. Buffy moves to Sunnydale and makes friends with some of her neighbours friends. She dislikes one of them the most, the neighbour that was mentioned, but ends up falling for him. Can anyone guess who I'm talking about?? LOL.

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