SCWLC's Fics

Better True Love      complete

Cordelia and Angel are getting married but not everything is as it seems.

Not Even Death      complete

What if Buffy's soul didn't go to Heaven in 'The Gift' and instead got sent into a new body?

Ten Years Hung Over      complete

NC - 17

Ten years from now Buffy goes to visit Angel.

The Skate      complete

Skating Assistent

AU. Buffy's a skater, Angel's a skater, Darla's jealous. Despite all my efforts to the contrary Riley turned into a moron.

The Skate - The Sequel      complete

Skating Assistent

There were requests for a sequel to the first figure skating story and I was (somewhat) inspired so this is what happened between the end and the epilogue of the first story.

There's No Getting Around It, Costumes Are Evil      complete

The Scooby gang goes back in time. It's a story trapped in an AU post S2 world.

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