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Desperately Seeking Cookies      complete

NC - 17

Buffy POV. Spoilers: Up through both the Angel season and Buffy series finale. Mama loves her some B/A cookie goodness, so dammit, I'm treating myself.

Man's Best Friend      complete

Epilogue for 'Desperately Seeking Cookies'. Angel/Other Alternating POV. Angel and his best friend have a chat.

Meet The Manservant      complete

Sequel to 'Desperately Seeking Cookies'. Commencing with the smackdown. Sweaty fighting action is so fun.

The Wireless Customer You Are Trying to Reach      complete

NC - 17

Damn you wireless carriers and your shitty connections! This one's for YOU!

Winky's Passion      complete

During the Buffy Sketching Session in Passions, because there is NO WAY in hell a dirty bastard like Angelus would just draw Her picture and leave...not if Winky had anything to say about it!

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