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Begin A New Day      complete

NC - 17

Sequel to 'The End Of Days'.

When the sun rises again, Buffy picks up the pieces.

Bring Forth The Night      complete

NC - 17

Alternate Sequel to 'The End Of Days'

As the sun sets again, Angelus puts the pieces together.

Broken Bindings      complete

Buffy deals with the damage from the Cruciamentum.

Dear Fate      complete

NC - 17

Sequel to 'Laughing At Fate'

Looking back on her life, Buffy writes a letter to the only person who would understand.

Fashion Victim      complete

Some accessories are best left in the box.

Fred's History Lesson      complete

Fred wants to know about this "sex" curse of Angel's.

Free To A Good Home      complete

It's time for Buffy's birthday once again...

I Believe      complete

Do you believe in ghosts?

If Wishes Were Kisses      complete

Angel escorts Buffy to Xander and Anya's wedding.

Irony And Elvis      complete

A dash of irony in the eternal battle between Good and Evil. Just to keep things interesting...

Laughing At Fate      complete

Angel decides he and Buffy have been Fate's bitch long enough.

No Strings      complete

If you know about the upcoming epi Smile Time, then you probably know what this story's about. If you don't know, then you'll be surprised and hopefully enjoy it.

Promises In The Dark      complete

Angel and Buffy's meeting after her return from beyond.

Revisited      complete

Do we find the future in those places of the past?

Scent Of The Slayer      complete

NC - 17

Just how in tune with the Slayer has Angel become?

The End Of Days      complete

NC - 17

The final confrontation between good and evil is here.

The Gryphon's Secrets      complete

NC - 17

Angelus       Angel

Who knows the truth behind Angel's tattoo?

The Last Bus Out Of Hell      complete

BtVS finale. What lies at the end of the road from hell?

With Six You Get An Eggroll      complete

NC - 17

Buffy and Angel delve into the mysteries of the Gypsy curse.

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