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The Nature of the Beast Cycle

The Nature Of The Beast      complete

Forever, that's the whole point, right. But how? And who?

To Kill A Cat      complete

NC - 17

Remember Angel series 1 'The Ring'? Well, what if other people were after a really good fighter? A possible (although not necessarily THE) prequel to 'The Nature of The Beast'.

Tyger, Tyger      complete

NC - 17

The follow-up to 'To Kill a Cat'. If you haven't read that, it might be best if you do.

Cometh The Hour      complete

NC - 17

The follow-up to 'Tyger, Tyger'.

Lionesses      complete

NC - 17

The fifth story in 'The Nature of the Beast' cycle.

Pride      complete

NC - 17

In 'Cometh the Hour' we left Angel on a hillside waiting for the sunrise. This is what happened next. It might help you to read the previous stories in this cycle first, but it probably isn't essential.

Ma'at      complete

NC - 17

Follow-up to ‘Pride’.
Angelus and Buffy still aren’t on speaking terms. Angelus is not taking this well. In fact, he’s being as bad as bad can be.

Solstice      complete

NC - 17

Follow-up to ‘Ma’at’. Angelus and Buffy are back together again, but is it forever this time? Do I need to buy a hat?

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