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After The End      complete

B/Aus. Buffy POV. Far future. After the End of Days. Rather on the fluffy side. Short.

Broken      complete

NC - 17

B/Aus. Alt future piece. Breaks off after BTVS Season 6, AtS   season 3.
Angelus wanted nothing more than to break Buffy. He had no idea what he was wishing for. Dark. Torture, multiple character deaths, bloodplay.

Damage      complete

NC - 17

AU. Buffy is a spoiled rich girl with a secret. Angel is a sorcerer hungry for power.

Domestication      complete

NC - 17

AU. In a world where demons and humans wage open warfare, Angel has been enlisted to help the Slayer.

Glimpse      complete

Breaks off canon after AtS season 2. No Connor. No Buffy back from the dead. Set several years into the future. Angel and the team are stuck in an alternate reality trying to find a relic they need. They get more than they bargained for.

Hard Lesson      complete

POV. Angst. After the battle at the End of Days, Buffy reflects on her relationship with Angel.

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