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Dominion    complete

NC - 17

Challenge story. After Rain of Fire. Angelus is not, NOT a happy camper. He's not too pleased with what Angel's been doing lately and let's everyone know that.

Midnight    complete

co-author: Lela Rose

NC - 17

Challenge story (2 Heads Challficathon). AU. Set in a future where humanity has taken a nose dive, and it's a kill or be killed world plagued with poverty and nasty things waiting around every corner to harm you. Buffy is a bounty hunter, known for her beauty, strength, agility, and cunningness. She has something akin to slayer strength, but it's not the PTB that gives her supernatural power, it's the beast that rages within her.

You Can Never Tell What One Will Do For Love      complete

NC - 17

Challenge Story, set in S3 of Buffy.
Angel's back from Hell, no one knows, things happen, but not the way you think. If this sounds familiar to you, it really isn't the same as the show.

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