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Summary: AU. Buffy needs some saving from Dracula. Guess who steps in?

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Alert: Dark Lord sounded too much like the HP verse. So from now on it's Dracula.

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Part 1

Buffy raced through the market, using the power bestowed upon her to push her body to the limits of its abilities. She was a blur of movement, a rush of wind to the untrained, human eyes as she sidestepped people and dodged the various goods displayed at the stands. Still she could not fool or lose Dracula's men and there was only one explanation for it. They were not human. But neither were they vampires like Dracula himself or they would have turned to dust after they'd left the safe shadows of the woods.

It was the law of nature that daylight killed vampires. Yet, there was one exception: Angel. He could walk in the sun, but she couldn't think about him now, not with the danger so hot on her heels, demons relentless in their pursuit, their sole intention to catch, abduct and take her to the Dracula. He was a Master vampire and hell bent on making her his mate even though they were natural enemies.

Buffy was the Slayer, a mystical creature born to be mankind's protector and driven by the need - the hunger - to execute its plague: the vampire race. Conversely her being mostly human made her - like any other mortal - vampire's prey. But through a cruel twist of fate and under the right circumstances only a Slayer could conceive the child of a vampire. Only she could revive dead seed and create new life if there was a special alignment of moon, sun and stars, and if her partner was a Master - a very powerful and old vampire.

So far few Masters had succeeded in impregnating Slayers for these female warriors were too strong and not built to submit. It was a challenge Dracula could not resist. He'd started out courting Buffy, but she had downright refused his advances without even considering the advantages their union would grant them. And when he'd realized that his threats wouldn't make her yield either, he'd reverted to more drastic measures. He'd tried to take her by force, but had ultimately failed, although it had been a surprise attack. She had escaped thanks to Angel and her wits.

Since then she was surrounded by the guards her king had appointed to guarantee her life and safety. No surprise there, she found it ridiculous to have them follow her. After all she was the Slayer, their protector and much stronger than three of them combined, so she'd run off on more than one occasion. Unfortunately, her refusal to be protected caused her trouble now. Her pursuers were on horseback and she on foot. She didn't know how much longer she'd be able to outrun them.

But things were looking up now that she'd left the village and its market behind and the road to the castle - to safety - stretched out before her in invitation. Yet, she dashed into the woods, hoping the deep underbrush would slow them down and double her head start since they didn't know this area like she did.

It didn't quite work as she had planned because her skirts kept getting caught on the bushes, hindering her movement and speed in the process. Not a good thing since she could already hear them closing in on her. She wished she'd worn her pants today. They were more practical for her nature, but the princess had convinced her to wear dresses or skirts when she was not slaying to enhance her mesmerizing beauty and catch a husband.

Unfortunately, she had not learned to turn down the princess yet, even though she didn't quite agree with the girl's reasoning. Buffy didn't think she was that beautiful. Oh, the male population was interested in her. No doubt about that, but she knew they saw her as a strange, exotic mixture of tomboy and seductive vixen. Still she scared them all away with her strength and power.

In her eyes men with an inferiority complex were not husband material and so she had decided she didn't want one. A tumble in the hay after a good slaying was all she needed. But sadly, not even her current lover had the power to take off her edge completely. She sighed in disappointment, then gasped as an arm encircled her middle, pulling her back against the front of a hard, male body, and a hand closed over her mouth, muffling the sound.

She started struggling immediately, but the man behind her simply tightened his hold and lifted her off the ground. He walked backwards through a hidden entrance in the castle's walls and then she heard stones grating against each other before darkness swallowed them both.

"Shh, you're safe now." His cool breath danced over her ears and against her skin.

She recognized the owner of the voice instantly and relaxed.

"Angel." She murmured.

He had saved her gain. Her relief was spiced with puzzlement, though, because she had not felt him appear behind her. But then again he'd never given off vampire-vibes. It was strange. Just like the manů err vampire himself.

Why was he still standing right behind her? With his arm still around her waist? Their bodies so close they touched through the clothes?

And why did she not mind at all?

Because she'd never expected his embrace to be so comforting and safe. She'd been prepared for discomfort, danger and maybe even sickness since those were the reactions the presence of vampires usually caused. Instead his tantalizing smell - wood, male and power - cocooned her like a blanket. So soft and warm she wanted to bury herself in it, roll it it, take it inside and taste it.

No, she wanted to taste him, wanted to feel the naked planes of his body pressing along her naked backside.

The thought sent pleasant shivers shivers up and down her spine, created a rush of desire that settled deep down in her loins. She swallowed a gasp, tried to stop her body from reacting for it would be far too embarrassing to react to a vampire in such a way.

But it was already to late. A small drop of moisture had already escaped her center and subtly scented the air.

His nostrils flared in response and he growled low in his throat, the sound a mixture of appreciation and pleasure that elicited another gush of wetness from the depths of her womb. He drowned in her scent, lost his control. His shaft rose, pushed into her back and then his power broke free. It rolled over her and teased hers to come out and play.

The call went not unheard and so they rubbed hungrily against each other, creating sparks and intoxicating their hosts, who stood frozen, trapped in the mounting pleasure their bodies experienced.

Acting on instinct, he pushed her hair back from her neck, baring her throat, so unkissed, soft and vulnerable his fangs slid forward of their own accord, ready to claim the offered temptation for his own. He bent down and scraped the sharp endings of his fangs across her tender flesh, not breaking the skin, but raising goosebumps and coaxing a moan from her.

"Angel?" She whined aroused, needy and just a little questioning.

With the sound of her voice reality intruded and he stepped hastily back from her. It was so sudden that the loss of his body supporting her made her stumble. But just as quick his hands - on on her waist, the other against her back - steadied her. Not that either of them noticed. At first contact the smothered passion between them flared to life again.

But he ruthlessly ignored it. "I apologize." He said, stepping away again. Yet his voice sounded far from sorry. It was deeper and huskier, accompanied by a slight lisp that let her know his fangs were still out, aching to taste her.

He wanted her.

Just like she wanted him.

Unfortunately for her, he wouldn't give in and instead opened a hidden door, letting the dim light of flickering torches in.

"Please follow me." He beckoned, dismissing the passion they had created and shared as if nothing had happened at all.

But two could play that game, she decided hurt by his actions.

Complying, she walked behind him, squeezing through the narrow passage, corridors and chambers until they arrived in the throne room, where King Rupert and his Queen Janna held court.

"You lost something" Angel said, pulling Buffy into the room.

"I thought she was guarded?!" The queen exclaimed full of worry and dissapointment.

"She was." Her husband assured.

"Until I escaped." The Slayer pointed out.

"Buffy!" Janna admonished her.

"I'm the Slayer, dammit!"

"Still they almost got you." Angel reminded her.

And sadly, he was right. Not that she would admit it.

"You saved her. Again. How did you do it?" The king asked curiously because he'd heard and seen how difficult it was to keep up with Buffy.

"I stalked her."

"You mean you spied on me?" She whirled around to face him.

"No." He denied without explaination.

Understanding dawned on her. "You stalked me like the animlas you feed on?"

"You watched me hunting?" He shot back.

"Well, yeah." She answered without thinking and belatedly realized he was actually embaressed.

Trying to ease his worry, she shrugged her shoulders in her typical 'So what?!' fashion. Underlining that she was not disgusted with his feeding habits. After all she'd observed him more than once interacting with people, so she knew he cared. Especially about princess Drusilla. He treated her like a younger sister. For a vampire he had quite a big heart. Yet he kept most people distant. Just like she did. They were outsiders because of what they were. So why should she judge the way he fed?

"Since you've saved her a few times already I want you to protect her from now on, Angel. If you don't mind of course." King Rupert asked and demanded.

Angel nodded his silent agreement.

"And when you leave the palace, take guards with you."

And before Buffy could protest, the princess burst into the room and smothered the slayer in her warm embrace. "Buffy! Are you well? I heard Dracula attacked again!"

"Don't worry." Buffy extracted herself and pivoted on her axis as proof. "I'm alright."

"Thanks to Angel." Janna chimed in, beaming at the vampire, but reprimanding Buffy with her tone.

The Slayer huffed. They would never let her live it down.

"Again?" Drusilla teased.

"Yes, again." Buffy grumblded. She didn't like looking like a helpless damsel in distress.

"You should thank him by letting him paint you." The princess suggested, wriggling her eyebrows.

It was an old discussion and Buffy had to once again remind her that she just couldn't sit still. "I would but..." She gestured around the room.

Angel was gone.


Part 2 is already written, but not typed yet. I'll do that when I'm back from my vacation. I hope to finish writing this fic while sunbathing. ;o) Wish me luck.

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