bluot mânde

Author: Hannahbee

Lucey, honey, I tried to finish it on time, but you know how the muse and the characters work... Sorrrrry!!! Also I wanted to write you a nice femslash scene. I tried and tried, but I couldn't. Needless to say I finally succeeded. I hope. The cherry on top... the fic is now 2 times longer than it was orignally. Yes, that means smore smut, too. *gg* I can't wait for you to get here. *superknuddel*

So.. a verrry belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TWINLY!

Disclaimer: All yours, Lucey. Well, except for the characters. They belong to Joss. But I guess after I'm thru with them he won't recognize them anymore. *wg*

Rating: NC-17 & LTNP (Little to no plot).

Summary: AU. It's the Blood Moon and the vampire queen & her childer celebrate it the only way that promises leasure.

Distribution: Denial Haven.

Warning 1: me = femslash virgin, so bear with me, please. On that note... if you don't want to read that, skip the section called "Tasting".

Warning 2: Not beta-ed. Any mistakes are to blame on my spellcheck programm - the damn thing has been acting strange lately. The plot holes are mine. Not that I really want them. ;o)

Warning: Buffy's is OOC. Couldn't be helped tho, after all she is a centuries-old vampire.

AN: There are some slight changes in what used to be part 1 & 2. The most important one: Buffy's not a queen, but a princess. Why? Read! ;o) And enjoy of course!


bluot mânde:

     1. Middle High German for Blood Moon

     2. A mystical moon phase, occurring every 200 years, painting the moon crimson for three nights in a row and affecting most supernatural creatures of powerful origin…
     Members of the Aurelius Clan are affected with increased hunger for sex and blood during the Blood Moon. It calls to the primal core within them, unleashing a creature/monster void of all control that is not connected to feeding or mating. Aurelians are known to become a destructive force during this phase (see p. 187, 322; chapter 20: Sodom and Gomorra).
     According to Rupertus Gilesus most Aurelians take mates or sire childer during this phase (for details consult Rupertus Gilesus: Aurelians. A complete study.).



Sitting in her throne, the vampire princess waited for dusk to arrive as she listened to the sweetness of pain-laced screams creeping up the walls from the dungeons to caress her ears. They roused her lust for torture, ignited her hunger and overwhelmed her senses. She closed her eyes in pleasure and savoured the experience.

Gods, she could almost taste it.




Full of fear.

Full of pain.






The princess growled low in her throat. The brunette half-demon had stolen Willow’s first childe, her intended mate. He was no more (than dust) for betrayal. But Whordelia had been suffering since the deed - the offence – committed over 500 years ago.




And then the circle would start again. It was her punishment.

Truly deserved.

And it never failed to amuse.

It really was a blessing that Willow had found Tara – a powerful witch - soon after she had killed her unfaithful intended Alexander. Together the two women had come up with the idea to make Whordelia’s life hell on earth.

But first Willow had seduced, turned and taken Tara as her mate. And with her conscience removed the witchvampire kept bringing the once beautiful brunette back from the dead so Willow could meet out her punishment.

The need for revenge, of course, had died after a few decades. It didn’t stop them from torturing Whordelia, though. No, they continued their games just for the thrill of it, the pleasure of humiliating, degrading, torturing and killing the bitch.

It had become some kind of habit. Perhaps an obsession. An addiction. But really, who could blame them? Nobody suffered as beautifully as the dark-haired half-demon did.

And the vampire princess – Willow’s sire – could neither reprimand them for their addiction nor could she begrudge them the fun they found in their games. Seeing the joy in the eyes of her childe and adopted daughter killed any objections she might have had regarding the extremely inhuman, unnecessarily prolonged torture Whordelia endured.

Then again… they were vampires. Wasn’t this what they were supposed to do anyway? The humans and their books certainly seemed to think so. And she hoped that at least this kind of torture would strike terror in their hearts.

Drinking and killing didn’t scare the humans much anymore since a secret society had found – or created – the slayers, the protectors of humankind who were endowed with supernatural abilities that rivalled those of a vampire. And if this wasn’t bad enough...

Those slayers – even though there was always only one at a time – were far too efficient for her taste. Killing minions left and right, they endangered the power structure of all vampire clans. No clan master or mistress could keep her underlings in check when they were too afraid to do their tasks nor could they rule efficently when they was no one to rule over.

It all came back to the damn watchers. They were the guides and guardians to slayers, but in their overzealousness to hunt down demons, they had fractured the balance of nature.

She growled in anger.

“Mommy?” Drusilla pulled the princess, who had suddenly appeared in the dungeon as if she’d been drawn there, out of her thoughts.

Her sire opened her eyes to find…


So much blood.

Splattered all over Dru and the doll she was clutching to her breast, smeared all over the naked bodies of Tara and Willow and pooling on the stone floor, painting everything crimson, safe for Whordelia - the pale victim.

Beautiful carnage.

Her desire was already burning.

Her need rose.

And with it the rare, familiar hunger she only felt every 200 years.

The Blood Moon is here.

And then she smiled. “Children…”

But she didn’t need to say more. They knew for they had felt it, too, as soon as the sun had disappeared. They would spend the next three nights out in town for special treats.

Drusilla clapped her hands in anticipation and giggled, then bent her head to tell her doll: “Miss Edith, we’ll get new toys and a new sister. Behave or I won’t share.”

“Dru, sweetie. I don’t think behaving is helpful where we’re going.” Tara reminded her gently.

The vampiress giggled again. “Of course not. Caritas is only for the naughty, but Miss Edith... she wants my spoils before I have had them. She’s a verrry bad girl.”

“That she is.” Tara agreed. “Come, let’s get you cleaned and all pretty.”

“Yes, please.” She took Tara’s hand and followed her. Looking back over her shoulder she asked: “Will, will you help me with my dress?”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” her sister replied.

Pleased the dark-haired vampiress turned to her sire: “Mommy, will you do my hair?”

“Of course, honey.”



The servants were putting the final touches to the interior of Caritas when the night started crawling across the city, beckoning the brave and wicked to come out and roam the streets. Yet only a few of them would ever find the secret entrance granting them access to the aforementioned haven because a very powerful, everlasting spell had been woven around the establishment many centuries ago. And ever since then only those who’d received an invitation from the owner and hostess Mistress Gwendolyn would know where to find the exclusive club and be able to enter without complications.

As long as there wasn’t a Blood Moon.

Then Caritas would be closed for a private party of four special guests – one vampire princess and her childer. They for one celebrated several anniversaries and two sought refuge during the Blood Moon because they would be out of control due to the Aurelian blood cursing through their veins.

And Mstr. Gwendolyn would see to it that they wouldn’t unleash destruction upon the world as the princess had requested centuries ago. She kept them confined within Caritas, fed their need with her toys in comfortable privacy that’d make her guests forget they were imprisoned for the Blood Moon.

If this wasn’t mercy, caritas…

Gwendolyn grinned wickedly. She really had chosen the name well.

Pleased with this and what her servants had created, she thanked them and then shooed them away with a last reminder that they’d act without being seen for the next three nights. Her guests – friends really – had finally arrived. So Gwen went to the door to welcome them inside just as their limousine pulled up in front of the secret entrance.

After killing the engine, the driver got out of the car, opened the door in the back and offered his hand to help his mistresses out. As expected the small, pale hand of his sire closed around his own and in the blink of an eye she was standing before him.

“Three nights, Lawson.” she reminded him. Not that he needed it, but it was her way of temporarily releasing him of his duties.

“Yes, Mistress.” he replied, bowing.

She responded with a beneficent smile and stepped aside, so he could help out her childer.

Used to the ritual her special guests always indulged in when visiting her, Gwen waited patiently by the door and watched figure after figure emerge from the dark of the car. And even though they were all hiding under their hooded capes, she had learned to differentiate them.

The vampire princess herself – dressed in dark red cape – had exited first. There was no doubt about it for she was grace and power poured into a petite frame that belied her strength.

Following her was Drusilla. A tall and slender brunette, wearing a white satin gown overlaid with lace that peeked through the slit of her black cape whenever she moved. As always she clutched a doll to her chest in protection. She took her place next to her sire and awaited her sisters.

Willow was the next one to climb out. The black leather boots and pants leaving no doubt to her identity. Yet the true confirmation was yet to come. She turned and reached into the car, holding out her hand to help her mate Tara out of the car. Gentleness streamed of the witch in waves, especially her warm, welcoming face. But Mstr. Gwendolyn knew that underneath it all lived a vampire soul that was just as wicked as Willow’s.

Yes, they made a formidable pair. One of the few couples that still frequented here even though they were mated.

In general, mated vampires – especially ones of this much power – didn’t share their other half with anyone else. That’s why Gwen hadn’t seen the princess’ other childer for centuries. And that’s why the princess and Dru still came here. They had no mates to be possessive of.


But at least Mstr. Gwen’s had special presents that had were destined for them, if her seer friend was right.

As for Tara and Willow… a surprise was waiting for them as well. Gwendolyn had known for ages that these two were still looking for something they couldn’t identify. And now she felt she’d found what they desired. Something that would complete them and create an unholy trinity.

Gwen sniggered and seeing the raised eyebrows on the princess’ face, she let go of her thoughts and ushered them inside instead.

After the door had closed behind them, her guests removed their hoods and Gwendolyn gave each of them a hug that was accompanied by a “Happy Rebirthday!” in three cases. Tara was the only one among them who hadn’t been sired on a Blood Moon. Still the gift she’d receive would make her feel like she’d been born again.

“How’s your husband?” the princess inquired curiously after the small greeting ceremony.

A huge, black panther came strolling into the room, circled Gwen once and then transformed into her tall, black husband who answered the question on his own: “Just fine, Buffy.” He hugged her. “So nice to see you again.” Then he turned to her childer. “You, too, of course, ladies.” He greeted each of them with a hug as well, then grinned. “Now may I have your capes, please? I wouldn’t want you to get too hot before the real action starts.”

“You’re such a charmer, Gunn.” Gwen told her husband.

Drusilla giggled.

“Thank you, Gunn.” Buffy said when he had collected all the capes.

“My pleasure. And I hope you’ll like your presents.” He grinned mischievously, then gave his wife a peck on the forehead and bid his goodbye.

“Ooh, surprises!” Drusilla clapped her hands. “A defanged puppy and…”

“Shh, Dru. Don’t spoil it.” Gwendolyn hushed her.

“Of course not, auntie Gwen.” the dark brunette agreed. “I’ll keep quiet.”

She smiled in response. “Shall we? I imagine the hunger must already be tearing you apart?”

“We’ll manage.” Buffy assured with confidence.

Together they left the entrance chamber and moved up the second floor where Mstr. Gwendolyn kept her toys in separate rooms.

“There’s one request I have this time. Make sure there’s enough room and time for…”

“Dessert?” Drusilla interrupted, giggling.

Gwen grinned. “Exactly. I really want you to enjoy your presents.”

Dru beamed at her. “We will.” she assured, knowing more than she let on. She hugged Gwen tightly. “Thank you so much, auntie Gwen. We’ll never forget this. You’ll make us very happy.”

“Good. But no spilling secrets, okay Dru?”

The brunette nodded eagerly. “But the defanged puppy is for me, yes?”

“Yes, he is.”

“Good.” She beamed again. “Let’s go!” She clapped her hands and bounced to the first room while the others followed in a more leisurely pace.

Ignoring the door that led inside, Dru peered through the wall which was invisible from the outside - allowing her guests to have a look at the toys without being seen – but dark, unbreakable stone for those living on the other side.

“Two and one. One and two.” Drusilla murmured, looking at the young man with wavy dark hair.

“He’s cute.” Willow stated, stopping next to her sister.

“Yes.” her dark-blonde mate agreed. “But there’s something strange about him.”

“He’s the human shell of a goddess that stranded here.” Gwen supplied more information. “They keep changing at the oddest moments.”

And speaking of… right at this moment the change occurred and suddenly a blond woman with big curls was standing in front of them, shouting: “Let me out! I am a goddess.”

“Not anymore.” Dru replied giggling and the others joined her. “You lost your key.” she added, cocking her head as if she was listening to something only she could hear. “Nobody wants you.” she hissed, then whirled around and moved on.

The others followed her to the next room. It was occupied by a tall, brunette woman and a slightly smaller man with light brown hair. Both were wearing business suits.

“Wolfram & Hart lackeys.” Gwen started, then looked directly at Buffy and continued with sarcasm and an eye roll. “The Senior Partners actually sent them to you to present you with an offer you cannot refuse.”

But obviously they had never made it to her door, still the princess couldn’t help but scoff at the audacity of Wolfram & Hart. “I don’t need those wannabe villains.” She looked lovingly at her childer then. “I can take care of my own.”

They smiled in response.

“We figured they’d be more useful here.” Mstr. Gwen giggled. “She’s a ruthless bitch who gets off on torturing others, but he is quite a softie… plays guitar and sings adorably sad songs.”

Dru looked at her sire and not seeing any interest, she stated: “I want them!” Her eyes were sparkling with naughty ideas.

“As you wish, dear.” And as soon as Gwen had said the words an invisible servant of hers removed the lawyer duo from the room and prepared them for Drusilla’s delight.

“She’s a rogue slayer.” Mstr. Gwen introduced the dark haired girl behind the next invisible wall. “And likes killing a little too much. The watchers wanted to get rid of her. But tough girl that she is, she escaped. Until we got a hold of her.” Gwendolyn chuckled, but her guests were intrigued.

Yes, the girl looked tough, but sexy, too. She was wearing black, skintight pants and a dark blue corset that was lined with black lace. Her ample breasts were almost spilling out of their confines as she was reclining on the bed without a care in the world.

Drusilla licked her lips. “Naughty little Slayer.”

But there was more to her than that. Buffy could feel it. There was a connection. She didn’t know if it was because she had been meant to become a Slayer before she had turned or if it was something else entirely connecting them. One thing was for sure though, she wanted her. And she told them so.

“You’ll like her. She’s quite the firecracker.” Gwen assured before they moved on.

Dru remained behind and pressed her nose against the wall, looking longingly at the dark Slayer. “We’ll play.” she promised the oblivious girl.

“Dru-sweetie?” her sire called her to the next display.

Three young men in army wear could be seen in the room. One of them was doing push-ups while the other two engaged in mock combat. They were tall, nicely muscled and handsome.

“This is team lilac…”

“Lilac?” Buffy repeated. “Are they gay?” she asked what everyone else of her family was thinking.

“No.” Gwendolyn said. “Definitely not...”

“I didn’t know they made soldiers that sexy!” Willow gushed.

“It’s the uniform. It’s all about the uniform.” Tara explained.

Buffy nodded in agreement. “But calling them team lilac is a sacrilege. Who came up with that stupid name?” She shook her head in disbelief.

“Their superior. A power hungry, female Frankenstein named Dr. Walsh.” Mistress Gwen began. “She was head of the secret – or not so secret anymore - military base called ‘The Initiative’. They hunted demons of all kinds, put chips in their brains so they couldn’t hunt anymore.”

Loud gasps of shock met her revelation, but she continued to assure them that the institution could do no more harm. “Luckily, her pet project – a monster created from different demon parts fused to a machine - killed her. The Initiative was overrun by an angry demon mob and destroyed. We captured the soldiers that had survived. He…” She pointed at the blond doing the push ups. “… was Walsh’s favorite and the best super soldier they had.”

Buffy senses honed in on him. He was actually quite cute, with blue lively eyes, luscious muscles and broad shoulders. And to top it off he looked very tall, a really fine specimen for a mortal.

“What exactly do you mean by super soldier?” she asked, wanting to know more about him.

Gwendolyn grinned knowingly. “Almost supernatural strength and endurance. Their physics are enhanced with drugs and demon DNA.” Gwendolyn added.

“Eww! Drugs!” Willow and Tara said in unison. They never tasted well in blood.

“But…” Mstr. Gwendolyn continued. ”They take orders very well.”

They all chuckled, but the drug enhancements had grossed them all out. Except for Buffy. She loved tall man too much to forsake a tumble with them. She just would have to remind herself not to taste him. “I want the blond.” she voiced her claim with determination.

Everyone grinned knwoingly in response. Then they moved on.

“Oooh, werewolves!” Willow gushed when she looked into the next room. She had always had a weakness for these creatures. “How did you catch two?” she asked in wonder.

It was almost unheard of that someone would be lucky enough to catch a werewolf. Then again Gwendolyn and Gunn wouldn’t be the best at what they did, if they didn’t manage this incredible feat.

Gwen grinned. The redhead had found what was meant for her. Part of it anyway. “I’ve been tracking these females for a while. They’re quite the nasty bitches. They keep stealing someone else’s boyfriends.”

“We’ll take them.” Willow replied immediately, speaking for her mate, too, and smirking evilly.

“Two wolves for you then.” They were finally getting what they deserved, Gwen thought and noticed that Buffy had already continued on her own exploration.

She was looking at a tall, well-muscled man with shining dark blue eyes and long brown hair.

Stopping next to the princess, Mistress Gwendolyn explained. “He’s a warrior prince from Pylea and…” She paused to make sure she had her attention. “…he’s a virgin.”

Buffy gasped. “Are you serious?” This couldn’t be. He was too gorgeous. No woman would have walked past him without screwing him into the ground.

“Oh yeah. He is saving himself for the woman he wants to make his queen.”

Fleetingly, Buffy thought that his world seemed to have something in common with her own. No prince or princess could become king or queen without a mate. But it wasn’t all that reeled Buffy in. Innocence in such an enticing package. She couldn’t believe it. It was mind-boggling.

“I’ll take him.” she stated before anyone else could snatch him.

Fat chance of that happening, her childer always let her choose first. Subtly of course.

“Let’s see what we have next. Ah, yes. She came tumbling from another dimension, babbling on about kyrumption and moira between Cordelia…” At this Mstr. Gwen gave them a pointed look that said ‘yes, your Cordelia’. “And an angel.”

Buffy and Drusilla burst into laughter.

“What’s so funny?” Willow asked confused.

“Kyrumption is when two great heroes meet on the field of battle and recognize their mutual fate.” Buffy explained.

Tara and Will gaped. Cordelia a hero? Fighting a battle besides her own? Impossible!

Their sire continued between bouts of laughter: “Moira is the gut physical attraction between two larger than life souls.”

Her childer joined her, almost rolling on the ground because it was so unbelievable and hilraious.

“This is… sheesh, I’m actually at loss for words.” Willow exclaimed. “Is she crazy?”

“As I said she came from another dimension.”

Chuckling darkly, the redhead wondered: “Maybe we should introduce her to Cordelia and our games.”

“No.” Dru said. “She’ll get what she deserves.”

“Is it bad?”

“Oh yesss.” Dru sighed dreamily and pulled her grinning sister along.

“Oooh!” Drusilla cooed. “Puppy dog eyes! But he’s a bad puppy. A very bad puppy Miss Edith tells me.”

“The local campus Casanova. Lures them in with ‘puppy dog eyes’ and pretty words to butter up lonely, broken hearts and once he has what he wants he moves on to the next victim. A friend of mine asked me to put him here and expects he’ll be taught an unforgettable lesson… several times over.”

“He deserves a spanking.” Willow said.

“Or two.” Tara added. “We’ll teach him an unforgettable lesson.”

“My friend would like to watch if you don’t mind?” Mstr. Gwendolyn asked.

“Oooh.” the dark blonde cooed. “It’s even better with an audience.”

“Can I watch, too?” her younger, dark-haired sister asked eagerly.

“No need to ask, sweetie…” Willow replied.

“Goody.” Drusilla clapped her hands again and bounced away before she pressed her nose against the wall of the next room. “Oh, she smells delicious. Blood and grief. Tasty.”

“She lost her twin sister to a fledgling and now she’s hunting all the other vampires down in revenge. As if they were all the same.” Mistress Gwen shook her head, not understanding. “She’s a self-proclaimed vampire hunter, obsessed with the journals of the infamous Daniel Holtz.”

The redhead grinned wickedly. “Then let’s show her just how right she is.”

“You’re so evil, honey.” her mate gushed and pulled her closer to kiss her deeply.

“I guess that means you’ll take her?” Gwendolyn looked at them and they nodded eagerly in reply.

“Gwen!” Buffy gasped loudly in mock shock as she looked into the next room. “Are you trying to get us into jail? He’s underage!” she continued while looking at the tall, scrawny, dark-blond boy with the dramatic brows.

Curious the others quickly joined her.

“Oh, so much power.” Drusilla moaned, almost fainting under the onslaught. “Kindred.”

“No, he feels more like a potential.” her sire corrected. “But he’s male!”

Slayers were only female, but this boy gave off the same vibes as any potential slayer – the girls waiting in line to be called as slayer.

“Kindred.” the brunette repeated with conviction. “Brother.”

“Sorry honey, but he isn’t be your brother.” the princess corrected her childe. “I would know!”

“Brother.” the girl insisted.

And strangely Buffy couldn’t deny that she could feel a connection to him. There was a certain appeal, but it wasn’t of sexual nature. Maybe she was meant to take him home, too?

She would have to think about it first because he would certainly spell trouble if he was indeed a potential, especially if he was already in training.

“What’s his name?” Buffy asked, still not taking her eyes off him.

“Connor.” Gwen replied. “He claims he’s the son of two vampires. Don’t know how that works, but he spent his youth in Quortoth.” She stopped here, but the implications were clear. The boy was probably mad. Living there would sooner or later do this to you.

Then again, Dru had recognized him as kindred, so maybe he wasn’t as mad as they thought.

“I’d like to see him again.” the princess required. “Later. After the Blood Moon.”

“I’ll keep him away from everyone else.” Gwendolyn promised.

“Thank you.” Buffy said, but it was Dru who gave her a big pleased smile. It vanished though, when they came to the next display.

“Evil, so evil.” Drusilla whispered in fear and backed away, hiding behind her sire.

“You’re right about that, Dru.” Mstr. Gwendolyn confirmed. “With a touch of his hand he can make any human male turn against women with violence. He likes watching it.”

“Ours.” the mated pair said in unison. Then they turned to their younger sister. “We’ll punish him extra hard for you.”

The brunette beamed again. “Thank you, but now it’s my turn again. I want the twins!” She said looking at her “aunt”, as if she knew what came next.

“Did you peek?”

“Just with my mind. Can I get them?”

“Of course. Wanna show the others?”

Drusilla turned to her family. “C’mon!”

“They’re cute.” Tara said grinning while looking at the dark haired twins. Her mate agreed with a hum.

“And they need to be punished.” Dru added. “Bad vampire, bad scientist!” she hissed.

And seeing the contended looks on her other childer’s faces, the princess concluded: “I think we have everything we want.”

When there were no objections, Mistress Gwen offered: “Then let me take you to your rooms. Everything is prepared.”



As soon as the door opened and a blonde girl let herself in, Faith jumped from her reclining position on the bed into a fighting stance. She eyed the newcomer carfefully, her gaze and body full of suspicion.

The stranger was a little shorter than herself, more delicate. She looked fragile and innocent, pretty, too, but looks were usually deceiving, at least in her line of work. And this time was no exception either.

The power radiating off the blonde was pounding against Faith’s shields, alerting her to the girl’s – woman’s? – true nature. She was danger incarnated. And a vampire. Yet her very essence was laced with something disturbingly familiar.

But the slayer didn’t let that fact distract her. “You can wear as much white as you want, you don’t fool me, vamp.”

“But fool you I did, sister…” The brunette wanted to object to the sister-comment, but the vampiress didn’t allow it and carried on. ”… slayer.”

For a moment Faith was dumbfounded. Could it be? Could the blonde before her have been a slayer? Was that why she felt so familiar? Then why had the watchers never cautioned her against this threat?

No, this mindfuck had to be a trap.

The slayer steeled herself, burying her surprise. She couldn’t show any more weakness to her enemy. “What do you want?”

“To ease your burden.”

And even though she knew exactly what her adversary meant, she countered: “What burden?”

The blonde vampiress shook her head in dissapointment. “Don’t pretend being the slayer is a gift. We both know it’s a curse, eating at you night by night. Let’s not even talk about how helpful watchers are these days.”

Faith could almost taste the sarcasm in the vampire’s words. “All fight and no play. Hunt this, hunt that. Do they actually know any other words?” It was a rhethorical question of course. “It’s a shame you’ll die soon and no one will give a damn. After all there’ll always be another slayer to take the place and you’ll just be another name in the watcher diaries.”

It was the sad truth, so Faith didn’t even bother to comment.

“I’m impressed, though, that you held out for so long.”

“Still not going down without a fight.”


The brown haired girl almost laughed at the pop-culture reference. Almost. But the slayer inside her could neither forget nor overlook that the powerful blonde was a vampire. No word could make her appear more human.

“I wouldn’t have picked you, if you simply submitted.” the vampiress elaborated.

“Pick me for what?” Faith demanded an answer to her confusion. Why had she been singled out? Not merely for a fight? Or as blood donor? “You could get an easier meal anywhere.” Or was she meant for something even more devious? “And just FYI I’m not into Dom/Sub.”

“D/S? Child’s play.” The vampire waved that idea away. “I want an equal.” She grinned wickedly then. “As much as a childe can be equal.”

What the fuck? Is that vamp serious? Is it even possible?

“You want to turn me? And then what? Sick me on the new slayer?”

“That would be your choice.”

A childe with choices? Barely heard of in vamp circles. Was that the equality she had been talking about?

And why was she even thinking about this?!

“You’re crazy!” the brunette concluded.

The vampiress laughed. “You’re the one who likes killing too much.”

The truth again, but the slayer ignored it. “I’ll love killing you.”

The blonde grinned in response. “Then bring it on, slayer.”

And even though Faith was said to be the most powerful slayer so far, the fight didn’t last as long as she would have liked. She had been no match for this mistress vampire. The blonde was too old and too strong. She knew all methods and material arts the watchers had taught her.

How come?

The only moves that had made a small dent in the vampire’s armor were the manoeuvers Faith herself had invented. Still it had not been enough.

Half an hour after their powers had collided for the first time, the brown haired girl lay spread-eagled on the bed, too exhausted to move.

She had lost and now she would lose her life.

Life sucked, but so would the vampiress.

The blonde crawled up the bed until they were face to face and lowered herself onto Faith.

Breast to breast.

Hip to hip.

Warm to cold.

The vampire’s proximity was strangely revolting and alluring at the same time. The brunette slayer didn’t know whether she wanted to push the other woman off or hold her even closer.

It was disconcerting. Frightening.

Luckily, for her state of mind the choice was out of her hands. Even if she wanted to, she could barely move, nevermind lift a hand. And it pissed her off. So many choices had already been taken from her, she had thought she would at least get to choose her death. But once again destiny had screwed her over.

But with that came another realisation. She still had one more choice left and she chose not to show just how furious she was. “Get it over with already. Or I’ll die of boredom.”

The blonde grinned wickedly. “I promise you won’t be bored.”

She moved the brunette’s head to the side, baring her throat, her throbbing pulse. Then she quickly morphed and lunged for the vulnerable slayer flesh, sinking her fangs in slowly.

Faith hissed in pain. But it turned into something else entirely once the vampiress started drinking, pulling the powerful blood from deep within. Unbelievable pleasure rushed through her veins, her body, her brain. No one had ever told her that dying by a vamp’s draining could feel this good, this heavenly.

She hoped it would never end.

“More!” Faith moaned, enjoying the ride that was better than the most thrilling fight she’d ever been in.

She was so overwhelmed by the feeling, she didn’t even notice the vampire sliding off her body and reaching inside her pants until a cool hand was stroking her mound.

It was unexpected, but not unwelcome. The way Faith saw it, if she had to die, she wanted to go out with a bang.

Or be banged.

She chuckled in her mind.

Either way was fine with her.

She moved against the hand, seeking more pressure, more pleasure, more everything. And she was not beneath begging for it. So she did.

Her plea was heard and answered. Small fingers parted her slick lips, spread her juices along her pussy before they sank into her channel and the base of a palm ground against her clit.

“Harder!” Faith cried out, rode hand and fingers until she blacked out as the last drop of her blood left her body and her orgasm hit.



Leaving her sleeping, newly made childe behind, Buffy pulled on her gown and left the room. Something was calling her, drawing her to other parts of Gwen’s establishment.

Was it her hunger? No, she had better control of herself than that. Was it the warrior prince maybe? Was he meant for her? And she for him? Was this the reason why she could barely fight the pull?

She had to resist, though. If he was indeed her mate, she couldn’t present herself to him like this. He would receive the respect he deserved.

She’d shower first, wash off the scent of her new childe and dress herself in a new gown. Then she’d have to replenish her strength with a warm blooded meal. She didn’t want to get lost in a feeding frenzy because she hadn’t fed properly before meeting him.

Her careful laid plans shattered halfway through her bath though. The pull couldn’t be ignored any longer. She finished with supernatural speed, hastily threw on her blood-red dress and hurried back into the corridor with the holding cells.

But as soon as she was there, she realised it wasn’t her real destination.

Not yet anyway.

She headed one level up and wandered down the hall, feeling herself getting closer to where she really was meant to be.

Suprisingly, it wasn’t the warrior prince who had lured her to this room.

Instead there was a tall, dark-haired man inside, who was chained to the wall. He was handsome, too, judging by his profile. But it was nothing compared to the power coming off him. No wonder he was bound. No wonder he had drawn her to him. But why? As far as she could tell he was only human.

“Who is he?” she asked Gwen as she appeared at her side.


The name didn’t ring any bell, so the Mistress of ‘Caritas’ elaborated. “The one with the angelic face. Darla’s intended.”

Buffy smirked and beamed at the same time, her eyes glowing with mirth. It was the perfect opportunity to get back at that bitch. And it was going to be so damn satisfying.

But how had she snatched such a potent creature?

“He’s still human. How can he be so powerful?” she inquired further, her eyes never leaving the magnificent male behind the invisible wall. “I don’t understand.”

“He is some kind of vampire hunter. He doesn’t seem to be much into slaying vampires though, more like laying vampires.”

Both woman giggled, but Buffy froze when Angelus suddenly turned his head to the side and looked straight at her, right into her eyes. She gasped. She knew he couldn’t see her, couldn’t have heard them, yet she couldn’t shake off the feeling that he knew excatly where she was.

Seeing her friend so distracted, Gwen whispered: “He was meant to be your susprise, but I’m guessing you want him right now?”

“Yes, and unchained, please.”

“You sure that is wise? We could barely contain him.”

“Yes, I want him just like he is.”

Only a minute later he was unbound and Buffy was in his room.

He whirled around to face her. “You feel familiar.” he rumbled, nostrils flaring, taking in her scent. “And you smell familiar.”

“But we’ve never met before.” she hastily said, trying to keep him from discovering just how awestruck she was.

Gods, the man was breathtaking. Tall, strong legs encased in black leather, trim hips, smooth chest, broad shoulders, prominent brows, deep dark eyes and a patrician nose leading to wide lips meant for kissing.

The one with the angelic face indeed.

“No.” he agreed, scrutinizing her.

She was a vision in bloodred silk, her skin pale gold, her eyes jungle green, brown and yellow, her lips ruby and her hair a beautiful golden blond reaching her waist. And even though she was quite short, her back was straight with confidence and pride. She was regal, held herself like she owned the world, like royalty.

Noticing the resemblance to the late vampire queen and her oldest daughter, he smirked. “But I’ve met your sister Darla.”

Buffy scowled at the name. And it was all Angelus needed to understand. There was no love lost between the siblings. He was here so Buffy could exact revenge and he was not pleased about that. He didn’t want to be another plaything in vampire court dramatics.

He had to prove his worth though - he knew that - or he wouldn’t survive. And he also knew there wouldn’t be any way around his becoming part of the vampire world. The only way he could influence his fate was by siding with the rightful princess - the more powerful of Joyce’s daughters, the one who would become queen.

Neither his eyes nor his body betraying his plan, he rushed the one before him and pinned her against the wall with his hand in a tight grip around her neck. Her feet dangled comically in the air, but she didn’t struggle.

“I’m not a toy.” he growled.

“Neither am I.” She yanked his hand off and pushed him so hard he flew against the opposite wall.

He slid down and in the next instant she was straddling him, his wrists in an iron grip against the wall. “Don’t underestimate me because I’m smaller and younger than her.”

“Believe me I don’t. Just wanted to test you.”

“Test me?” she asked in disbelief and indignation. “Are you so full of yourself or just plain stupid?”

He smirked. “None of the above. Just healthily confident.”

Suddenly he had her beneath him, pressed into the floor without care, her hands prisoner in his just above her head and his hips resting between her thighs.

Admittedly, she liked the feel of him on her, weighing her down, the big bulge in his pants craddled against her center.

“I’m impressed.” She grinned at the double entendre, but so did he. “But...” She rolled them so she was on top again. “…you’re not strong enough to fight me.”

“Nor Darla.” he conceded unhappily. “Not yet anyway.”

Her brows lifted at that. What was he getting at? “Care to fill me in?”

“Who is your father?” he countered. “Ripper? Or Dracula?”


“Just checking my options.”

Her eyes widened. The man was unbelievable, but damn her if she didn’t like it. “You think you have options?”

“Of course. I could become your willing, loyal mate, or you’d have more trouble on your hands than you’d like.”

A promise? A threat? She didn’t care as long as she got to keep him. But she wouldn’t reveal her need to have him, yet.

“Or I could just drain you.” she replied flippantly.

“Ah, but it wouldn’t be much of a revenge, would it? You could take me as your mate and flaunt it in your sister’s eyes for the rest of eternity. Just imagine the look on her face when she sees that I’m following you willingly.” He paused to let the vision fill her mind. “Besides… you can’t tell my that my power…” He thrust his crotch lightly against hers. ”… doesn’t intrigue you, doesn’t make you wet and hunger for more. I could make you the vampire queen.”

Buffy smiled coyly, downplaying her rising lust. “But what if I don’t want to be queen?”

“But you do, even if just to spite her.”

“And you’ll only help me if I tell you who my father was?” She believed she knew what he was after and understood his reasoning, but playing with him was just too much fun to stop right now.

He simply nodded.

“Why is it so important? Both were magicians. Or are you afraid of one of them, afraid he’ll come back from the beyond and you want to bond with the right sister to gain favor?”

Playing along, he said: “I’ll tell you if you tell me.”

“Fine, but if you don’t like the answer, it’s on you. You’ll become my mate, willing or not.”

“Look who’s afraid now!” he laughed. “You’re stalling, lover.”

She liked the endearment, but…

“I’m not stalling. You amuse me with your witty combacks and cunning. If I reveal everything too soon, we’ll get right down to fucking and turning. Then there’ll be no time to talk.” She added a pout at the end.

“I can talk while I fuck you. I assure you.”

“I didn’t mean dirty talk. Not that I’m against it. Just don’t expect a two-sided conversation. I’m not very talkative…” She grinned naughtily. “I’m more of a moaner if you do it right.”

“Sparkling conversation after. Got it. If you’re up to it that is. But I won’t get my hopes up.”

“You’re that good, huh?”

“Yeah, I’m not one of your human fucktoys, remember? I come with extra power and I’ve already got infused with vampire blood. That enough for a resumé?”

“See! You amuse me. But I guess that earns you a treat.” She pouted prettily. “Fine, it was Rupert. Now do I have myself a willing mate or not?”

“Now who’s impatient?” he teased while one of his hands stole under the skirt of her dress, hiking the material up as his palm slid smoothly along her thigh.

“I take that as a yes.”

“You can.” He grinned back.

When he reached her panties, he lifted himself slightly off her, so he could rub the little knob hidden under the lace.

She moaned in response and her body quickly drenched the fabric with her arousal. It seeped through, coating his fingers and he lifted them to lick off her essence.

“You taste incredible.” he said and ripped her panties away so he could touch her weeping flesh.

Her hand locked around the nape of his neck, pulling him down for a ravaging kiss. They plunged each other’s mouths in hunger, exploring taste and teeth. But both wanted, needed more.

He teased her retracted fangs with his tongue, coaxing them into coming out. How could she resist the temptation? She could not. She simply obliged his request and he returned the favor by nicking his tongue on the razor sharp tips, giving her a taste of him. She moaned louder when the flavor of his essence caressed her tongue and trapped his waist in the circle of her legs, then rubbed herself wildly against him.

She was ravenous for this man. She wanted him, needed him now.

“Inside!” she breathed.

His fingers stilled on her mound, knowing, understanding that she was too close and wanted to come with him buried within her. But before he could get rid off his pants, her hands reached between them, found his belt and unbuckled it. Then she unzipped the leather pants and freed his cock.

Distracted by the feel of his hard, hot flesh, she stroked up and down in reverance, almost making him come. He couldn’t have that, so he removed her skilled fingers from his shaft and plunged deep into her cool, wet core.

She mewled in approval, but he uncurled her legs from his waist and threw them over his shoulder. It pushed him even deeper into her womb. She yelped in surprise and pleasure. He was so big, stretching her to the limit, making her feel so full, so complete. It was… she couldn’t find words, just as she had predicted.

“Told you I’m that good.”

She couldn’t begrudge him his smugness. Instead she pleaded: “More!”

He obliged, thrusting hard, yet skillfully into her welcoming body. But bent as he was over her, there was barely enough space to reach her clit. Still he did it and worried the vulnerable spot between his thumb and finger.

Her moan changed into a needy growl and her hands tightened on his biceps, her nails digging into his skin, drawing blood. He lost his rhythm, pumped eratically in to her, but he’d be damned if he came before her. He leaned further down, breathed heavily against her ear and then bit her neck with his human teeth.

She crashed into oblivion, pleasureably shocked by his show of dominance. And her rippling walls clamping down on him were his undoing. He exploded, spilling his warm seed into her cool channel, and then slumped onto her. She didn’t mind, but let her legs fall from his shoulders and curled them around him once again, basking in satisfaction and his presence.

“Maybe we could take it to the bed. More comfy.” she suggested. “As soon as you’re ready.”

“Not one of your human weaklings. Hold on tight.” He got up with her wrapped around him and sat down on the bed with her in his lap.

When she immediatly got off him, he wanted to complain, but seeing that she was only removing her dress and shoes, he enjoyed her little show.

He smirked. “Want me to strip, too, or do you want the honor?”

“I like opening presents.” She kissed him, then put her hands on his chest and pushed him down into the satin sheets.

She grabbed the waistline of his pants, he lifted his hips and before he knew it he was as naked as she. Then she kneeled in front of him, between his spread legs, and he raised his upper body onto his lower arms to find out what she was up to next.

She took his already half hard shaft into her hand and grinned. “Now, are you going to tell me why it’s so important that Rupert is my father?” She bent down, sucked the tip of his cock into her cool mouth and swirled her tongue around it.

“Yesss!” he half moaned, half hissed. “Dracula’s magic… is mostly mind and parlor tricks.” He gathered her long hair in his hand and pulled it back, so he could watch her going down on him.

She took him deeper, sucking so infuratingly softly he knew she wanted to hear more.

“Ripper is a real sorcerer.”

As reward she added her fangs to the play, scraped them against his vulnerable skin, turning her teasing into a dangerous game that made him even harder than before. His hips came off the bed involuntarily. It seemed where she was concerned, his control was tenuous.

“He was not afraid of the darker side of magic… His blood runs through you, too…”

She placed her hands on his hip bones to restrain him, holding him down as she slid up and down his his length, tormented him with her slow motions, knowing he needed more than that.

“Means more power in you, more power for me… Babe, we can be invincible.”

Her lips released his hardness with a wet pop. “I’ll take that as a compliment on my father’s behalf.”

“Do that. But I think I deserve a real treat now.” Angelus looked meaningfully at his weeping cock.

She grinned. “Yes, you do. Or you won’t last long when I turn you. That’s next on the agenda, you know.” She lowered her head again, engulfed his hardness, sucking rhythmically as she bopped up and down, her fangs scraping against his skin again, still not wounding him.

But on the next up move she only kept the tip of his shaft in her mouth and sucked hard. He cursed in response. Then she sank her fangs into the cock head and he came with a shout.

She swallowed greedily, savoring his musky cum and potent blood, purring happily as the juices slid over her tongue and down her throat. Satisfied with his taste and herself, she got up and onto the bed.

Crawling up his length, she lay down on top of him and kissed him. He didn’t shy away from his own taste. Pleased, she rubbed herself against his stomach and without prompting he plunged two fingers into her dripping sheath from behind.

Riding the stiff digits, she mewled and moaned her way towards release. When the riplling of her inner walls had subsided, he pulled out, wrapped his arms around her and rolled her onto her back, so he could fuck her again.

She stopped him though. “The one who claims is on top.” she explained as she reversed their position.

“Do I get to be on top when I drink your blood?” he inquired.

She smiled at his logic. Or was it his need to be her equal? To dominate her while he took her life into himself?

Gods, she loved how his mind worked. He was perfect. Her match in every way. It was no hardship to be indulgent with him.

“Only after your change.” She grinned saucily as she sat up and took his hard again cock into her hand so she could guide him into her.

Riding him slowly, she closed her eyes, savoring the feel of him inside her. His hands grabbed her hips, pushing her harder onto him and pulling her out of her thoughts.

Opening her eyes, she looked down at him.

“No daydreaming.” he demanded. “Or you’ll never get around to turning me.”

She lowered herself onto his chest and started rotating her hips. She kissed him quickly, then left his mouth to trail her tongue along his jaw and down to his neck.

Scenting the right spot, she prepared it with soft kisses and sucked at the skin to make the vein more prominent. Once she could feel it pumping beneath her tongue, her fangs finally pierced his skin.

He hissed in pain and pleasure, his hands grabbing her ass to pull her even closer. Clenching her vaginal muscles around his hard length inside her, she sank her fangs deeper and started drinking. He climaxed hard, blacking out from the unexpected pleasure her feeding brought to his body.

But she kept on drinking, chasing her release in his potent blood. And then it was there. The last drop - the most powerful substance. It hit her tongue and the magic of it blew her away into bliss.

Once she had calmed down, she didn’t marvel at his power running through her veins as she wanted to. Instead she extracted her fangs and licked the wound close. Then she made a scratch with her nail along the vein in her neck and rubbed the blood on her fingertips into his lips.

His tongue sneaked out to taste it and she pressed her blooded neck against his mouth. He licked the potent red liquid away, but didn’t make any move to drink from her. Confused, she touched her skin and realized that the wound must have closed because their mingled blood was so powerful. She sliced herself with a nail once more. To no avail. Immdiately, the wound sealed again.

“Bite me!” she shouted in desperation.

And he did, with his human teeth, but it wasn’t enough. He needed to drink more or she would lose him. And that was simply not an option. She had just found her mate. She couldn’t give him up now. Not for anything in the world. He was hers. For the rest of eternity.

“Harder!” she commanded again… and again… until he broke her skin and reached her blood.

He drank greedily, almost inhaling the sweet ambrosia, and she finally relaxed, drowning in relief.

Their forever started now.

He hardened inside of her, his body letting her know he was getting stronger. She moved lightly up and down his shaft in delight.

So strong.

So needy.

One of his arms went around her waist and anchored her to him. The other hand was at her nape, holding her head in place, so he could take what was his.

So possessive.

Against tradition, he rolled and put his sire, his mate, beneath his body - his teeth never leaving their place - so he could better thrust into her. She let him do as he pleased because she was far too happy to care right now. She could always punish him later.

But that thought fell into abyss as she felt his teeth change into fangs, piercing her skin right down to her vein and penetrating her deeper than their human counterparts. She came with a low growl and tightened her arms around him, sending her orgasm through her blood. When it hit his taste buds, he roared his release, then quickly latched onto her neck again to lick her wounds close.

“I think I don’t need conversation.” she yawned after a while.

“Then sleep. I’ll watch over you, lover.” he promised.

And this time he meant the endearment. He felt their bond, their combined power. He was where he was meant to be. They belonged together. For eternity.

He cradled her closer and murmured: “Mine!”

But she didn’t respond in kind because she was already asleep, tired out, but he knew she felt the same way. He had tasted it in her blood and soon he will hear the claim from her lips.

Unfortunately, he fell asleep soon after and never heard her murmur the word while she was dreaming.

When she woke up, she was lying on her side and curled around his body like ivy. The blood moon was already waning. How long had she slept?

But what was even more prominent was the hard cock inside her, stretching her inner walls, clamoring for her attention.


“Again.” he confirmed.

She groaned in defeat.

“Where’s the famous vampire stamina?” he taunted.

“Got lost between making two childer in the span of two hours.” she replied dryly.

He growled, the sound sending shivers up and down her spine. “Another childe?!” he asked, gripping her possessively.

“No need to get jealous. She is my childe. You are my mate.” she assured him.

“Good.” He nipped the mark on her neck to remind her.

“If you want to…” She surged meaningfully against him and grinned. “… but don’t expect much participation from me. I’m still beat. You might have to carry me later if you devour me now.”

“I’m up to it.” He smirked at the double entendre.

“I noticed.”

“I’ll make it a quick one.” he promised and claimed her lips for a hungry kiss.

He pulled her leg over his hips and started moving. Pumping smoothly into her, he caressed her clit softly. Too softly it seemed for she scraped her nails over his nipples, making him hiss.

But two could play that game. He returned the favor by pressing his fingers with more force into either side of her clit and pushing his fangs into his mark at the same time. She orgasmed hard, clutching him firmly to her and sinking her fangs into the mark she had made. Thrusting into her without rhythm a few more times, he growled his climax against her neck as he came.

Satisfied, they closed the fresh wounds they had inflcited and then headed for the shower.


Cherry On Top

Mistress Gwendolyn led the princess and her new childe to a chamber not far from their own private room.

“There’s someone I have to see before we gather my childer and head back home.” Buffy had explained after they had showered and dressed.

“Whatever you wish.” had been Angelus’ answer.

But upon seeing the boy through the wall, he growled his displeasure. “No more fucktoys. I’m the only one who’ll get to take you from now on.”

Gwen hid her amusment, wondering how well that possessiveness would sit with her friend. To her surprise, Buffy simply looked up at him and took his face between her small hands, already forgetting that they had company.

“We are mates, remember. No more sharing, only each other.” Then she sealed it with a kiss.

Surprised, Mstr. Gwen made a quiet exit to give them privacy. She would’ve never seen that one coming. Revenge was certainly sweet.

Appeased with her promise, Angelus took her hands and escorted Buffy into the room. Now that anger and jealousy were no longer clouding his brain, he was almost thrown by the power coming off the kid. He plastered himself to her back. No matter how strong she was, he wanted to protect her. And in this case he needed to. The boy raised all of Angelus’ alarms, even though he seemed human. But no mere human could successfully contain that much power.

Feeling, hearing and smelling the newcomers, the young man whirled around. Disbelief, hope and joy were written all over his face as he asked: “Mom? Dad?”

“What the fuck?!” Angelus exclaimed.

“Did I miss something?” Buffy asked at the same time, stepping forward without thinking.

The boy was so sure and so convincing in his feelings, he had pulled at something inside of her and he looked so much like her mate that even she was fooled into believing. But then she remembered what Gwen had told her.

Turning to her Angelus, she said: “He came from Quortoth.”

It explained everything.

Not realizing it was a reference to his mental health and not a state of fact, the youngster threw himself into Buffy’s arms. “Mom!”

She liked the word, liked the feeling, got lost in it.

Then suddenly he pulled back. “You’re a vampire!”

“Well, duh!”

Angelus was too confounded to react. Until the boy’s accusing hazel eyes turned to him and a strong fist hitting his silk covered chest shoved him against a wall – which had been at least 8 feet behind him before he was wallpapered to it.

“You promised you wouldn’t turn her!” the kid shouted in anger.

“What the fuck!?” Angelus repeated furiously, got up and raced to the boy to teach him a lesson.

He never made it.

Buffy planted herself between the males, holding them at arm’s length. “Stop it! Both of you!”

Knowing she needed to calm down Angelus first because he was more volatile, she locked eyes with him and gave him something to think about. “The face, the mouth, the brows, even the same hair style. Don’t you see the resemblance? Don’t you feel the connection? He is yours. He even smells like you.”

Studying the boy intensely, he contemplated what his mate had said.

Satisfied that he was busy thinking instead of maiming the beautiful manchild next to her, she let her arms fall and turned gentle eyes to Connor. “He never turned me. I was born as slayer/vampire and that was centuries ago. I only met him a few hours ago. I’m sorry, child. I’m not your mother.”

“Yes, you are.” he insisted.

“The boy is right…”

“My name is Connor.”

A name that reminded Angelus of home and the best friend he had lost too soon. “A good Irish name. One I would’ve chosen.” he placated Connor and looked back at Buffy. “He has your eyes. Your slayer vibe.”

Yes, she could see that, could feel that. He even had her mother’s brow and hair color. “Congrats, lover. We’ve just become parents, even though we’ve just met and we’re both vampires.”

And therefore they couldn’t have children. Least of all human children.

But Drusilla had called him brother.

“Normally slayer/vampires aren’t born either. And there are two of you.”

“Don’t remind me.” She waved the thought of her sister away. There were more important matters. “Doesn’t explain how Connor is already a teen.”

“Time moves differently in Quortoth.” her mate reminded her. “Some kind of time travel?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “I’m not much of a book girl.”

Then she focused her attention on the son she never knew she had created.

“You told Gwen you were born of two vampires, but you called me mom, then got angry because I wasn’t human anymore and you have my eyes …” Connor was just about to answer, when she continued. “Oh gods, please don’t tell me, Darla is your mother and I’m just your stepmother.”

Up until now he’d watched their discussion with fascination, happy to have them back, but he looked stricken at her last comment.

“No, you’re my real mother.” he quickly assured her, then looked down in embarassment. “Dad and Darla… you know. She got pregnant and dusted herself so I could be born. But your blood runs through my veins. Dad told me so.” he rushed out. “I’m really yours.”

“Except that the Buffy you knew was human.” Angelus reminded them reluctantly. If he was really theirs - in whatever warped way – he didn’t want to hurt him. “We haven’t considered the possibilty of an alternate universe.”

The boy’s shoulders slumped in defeat.

“I’m sorry.” Buffy said, pulling the boy into a hug, comforting him.

“You smell like her.” he murmured into her hair, then released her.

“We’ll get to the bottom of this.” she promised.

Just then Drusilla floated into room as if Buffy’s ealier thoughts had conjured her. She pulled Connor into a tight embrace. “Baby brother, don’t cry. The dragon devoured the world. You cannot go back. But you are home.” she sing-songed and kissed his forehead. “And we’ll dance and dance until time stops. But first we kill the evil twin. Mommy will be queen, daddy king and you’ll be our little prince. Will you hunt with us?”


loooong Author's comment (that probably needs its own page):

Ooops, I didn't realize there were so many toys. Anyway, if you're wondering about them...

1. young man with wavy dark hair/blond goddess with big curls = Ben/Glory
2. Wolfram & Hart lackeys = Lilah & Linds (--> Dru)
3. rogue slayer = Faith (--> Buffy)
4. 3 young man in army wear aka team lilac = Riley, Forrest, Graham
5. 2 female werewolves = Veruca & Nina (--> Willow & Tara)
6. warrior prince from Pylea = Groo (--> Buffy)
7. girl babbling on about kyrumption and moira = Fred
8. local campus Casanova = Parker (--> Willow & Tara, Dru & Gwen's friend as audience)
9. self-proclaimed vampire hunter = Justine (--> Willow & Tara)
10. evil man who makes any human male turn against women = Billy (--> Willow & Tara)
11. the twins aka bad vampire, bad scientist = Holden & Knox (--> Dru)

I hope you had fun guessing.

cut scenes:

1) The last sentence was supposed to come after her prophecy to Connor, Dru was to notice Angelus and say: "Daddy!". But I liked her inviting Connor to take over their world more.
2) Joyce was (obviously) a vampire who could bear children, but only with humans (Drac & Ripper). All three are dead because Joyce killer her lovers and then herself. I couldn't think of why, so this tragedy never made into the fic.

No, it's not a mistake that the expert on Aurelians is Rupertus Gilesus and Buffy's dad is called Rupert/Ripper. Is it one and the same person? Who knows! Alright, alright, I do. Still not telling. ;o) I also realize that Buffy doesn't act as uncontrolled as Rupertus made it sound. Maybe he spoke from his own experience? *smirk*

I know the Connor in the ficpic doesn't exactly add up to the descriptions in the fic itself, but bear with me please. It's hard to find someone who looks the perfect mix of Angel and Buffy. And since I'm guessing you'd rather have me writing than browsing the web for pics for days (weeks?), I picked Paul Wesley. Anyone ever noticed that he would've made a much better Connor? And I'm not saying that because I watch Vampire Diaries. (So what! I haven't seen all the eps, but I like the music and the potential love triangle. And later eps were so much better than the first few, too.) I actually noticed him in those 'Fallen Angels' movies before VD ever came out. But VD clinched it. Damn, the brooding, the brows, he even wears wife beaters... he looks more like Angel than Vincent ever did.

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